In this devblog, you can see everything that's included in Update 1.36 for DOFUS Retro.

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Full Changelog

Read on for a complete list of the changes applied by the July 25 update:


1. Remastered-Only Fixes

  • Animations in the Remastered version are now 60 FPS (frames per second) instead of 40, making the game more seamless.
  • A higher-quality Peat Bog zone in Otomai is now available.

2. Usability and Improvements

  • Tactical mode has received a full graphical overhaul to match the colors and patterns of the zone where combat takes place.
  • Access to the Giant Kralove has been modified:
    • Access to the dungeon is subject to completion of a new quest that requires you to complete the dungeons on the island.
    • The door now remains open for 1 hour. Once it closes, you have to wait 1 hour before it can be opened again.
    • Restrictions have been added to limit multi-accounting when slabs open up.
    • There are announcements in the events channel when a door opening is in progress and adventurers are on the slabs.
    • Monsters in the dungeon are no longer affected by outside prism bonuses.
    • Paralyzing poison can no longer be used in the fight.
    • The amount of XP earned from the Kralove, which had been heavily reduced in a previous update, has been restored to its original value.
  • The purchase interface in merchant mode is now clearer about pricing and the amount purchased.
  • The spawn rate for Jellidice has been reduced.
  • It is now easier to access the Ilyzaelle and Qu'Tan dungeons: The recipe for protection potions now provides a quest item that is no longer consumed in dungeons.
    • Protection potions no longer drop.

3. Non-Combat Fixes

  • Certain wanted notices displayed incorrectly if the client wasn't set to French; this has been fixed.
  • The NPC dialogue in class temples related to using a magical orb now always appears in the same order for the 2 powers (with a scroll point reset or without).

4. Combat Fixes

  • The names of summons in the information menus for spell effects display correctly now.
  • The effects of the Stain spell display correctly in the combat chat.
  • The capture range to click the following monsters has been reduced to make targeting easier in combat: Cracklers, Coralators, and Great Coralators.
  • It is possible to properly stack the effects when multiple repelling traps are triggered in a single turn.