Dear adventurers of the World of Twelve, today we take our tofu-feather pens in hand to write to you about an update to the mimisymbics system in Retro.
We're no longer satisfied with their implementation in the game, and we've decided to make some changes to certain mechanics.

Mimisymbics are currently too restrictive in their use, and dissociation causes both the mimisymbiced item and the mimisymbic to be lost. This is illogical for items like polykromes and tends to discourage players from using mimisymbics on items bought in the shop.

Starting in version 1.36.6, we will be implementing ceremonial items! This system will give you unlimited flexibility with a certain selection of items.

When a mimisymbiced item is dissociated by a ceremonial item, you get three items back:

  • The mimisymbic
  • The ceremonial item which was mimisymbiced
  • The original item, making it exchangeable and smithmageable again

So we want to encourage you to express your personal taste without having to sacrifice your items along the way.

As with set items and ethereal items, we will use a color code to make them easily distinguishable from standard items. In addition to the color, a note indicating "(ceremonial item)" will be added after the item category. It will still be possible to sell them at the same marketplaces as other items, however.

Finally, this change will be retroactive, which means that it will automatically apply to your existing items. Here's a list of the items already released that will be retroactively included in this system:

(note: shop offers will mention on the item's description page whether it is a ceremonial item)

  • Polykrome Mitch Shroom
  • Polykrome Solomonk
  • Polykrome Adventurer Hat
  • Polykrome Kritter
  • Polykrome Soft Oak Hat
  • Polykrome Lorko Kasko
  • Polykrome Crocodyl Dandy's Hat
  • Polykrome Eachure Hat
  • Polykrome Komintot Headband
  • Polykrome Toady
  • The Polykrome Oiram
  • Polykrome
  • Polykrome Kannipiwi
  • Polykrome Scale Shield
  • Polykrome Ankanniversary Hat
  • Dragarmour Helmet
  • Dragarmour Cloak
  • Dragarmour Shield
  • Master Shoemagus's Shield
  • Master Shield Smith's Shield
  • Master Fishmonger's Shield
  • Master Butcher's Shield
  • Master Sword Smithmagus's Shield
  • Master Costumagus's Shield
  • Master Axe Smith's Shield
  • Master Farmer's Shield
  • Master Tailor's Shield
  • Master Alchemist's Shield
  • Master Baker's Shield
  • Master Hunter's Shield
  • Master Wand Carver's Shield
  • Master Dagger Smith's Shield
  • Master Jeweller's Shield
  • Master Shoemaker's Shield
  • Master Sword Smith's Shield
  • Master Shovel Smith's Shield
  • Master Hammer Smithmagus's Shield
  • Polykrome Musheadgear
  • T'Youb
  • Trophy Koolich Shield
  • Trophy Wa Wabbit Shield
  • Trophy Moon Shield
  • Trophy Soft Oak Shield
  • Trophy Dragon Pig Shield
  • Twit Shield
  • Witter Beanie

Standard items can still be mimisymbiced according to the same rules as always. 
If a ceremonial item provides a title or an aura, like trophy shields, these will be transferred to the base item - unless the base item already provides a title or an aura, such as the Vampyre Mask. If the base item is not exchangeable, it is impossible to apply an appearance to it.

We hope you'll like these changes, and we can't wait to see your craziest screenshots!

Category: Game design