It's here at last! The revamp of social aspects in Dofus has begun. It will continue over several updates, and for this first step, we've been working on recruitment within guilds.

In short, you no longer need to wait for the leader to be online if you want to apply to join their guild. How guilds are presented in the directory has been improved, and there is now a system for applying to a guild; tools are available to the guild to manage and process pending applications. 

Let us explain all…


Guild Leaders: Present Your Guild and Configure Your Recruitment 

A new tool is now available to promote your guild: 

  • Write a guild announcement* to recruit members or just a presentation of your guild if you aren't recruiting right now.
  • Add information about your guild, if necessary: interests, atmosphere, playing time.
  • Define recruitment criteria: minimum player level required or minimum achievement points required. You can make these last two criteria mandatory if you wish, but only in open recruitment with automatic acceptance.
  • You can choose one or more languages spoken within the guild.

* Since the announcement is a free text that is visible to everyone, it is subject to the rules of conduct. Non-compliance with them will lead to sanctions for the player who wrote the announcement.

Choose the recruitment status of your guild based on your current needs:

  • Open with automatic acceptance (this means that everyone will be able to join your guild, as long as it is not full)
  • Open with manual acceptance 
  • Closed, if you aren't recruiting

The saved information will then appear in the guild directory.

Guild Directory Changes 

The guild directory has been moved to the "Guild" tab. If you don't belong to a guild, the directory will appear in this interface.  The alliance directory is now in the "Alliance" tab.

The directory now shows new information related to guilds: the recruitment announcement or presentation of each guild, information on interests, atmosphere, playing time, language, and recruitment criteria.

New filters are being introduced: 

  • the search field, which was already available. However, it is no longer possible to search by guild member name. To replicate this feature, you can always type the /whois command followed by the character name in the chat interface, and you'll get the guild information.
  • guild criteria (interests, atmosphere, playing time).
  • recruitment criteria (minimum player level, minimum achievement points).
  • an option to hide full guilds.

A new "activity" column is being introduced. It tells you the last date a player in the guild was online. 

A "How to create a guild" button has been added to provide more information on the topic.

Guild Information

You can now move the window and open multiple guilds' information from the directory at the same time to compare them.
It contains the title, the presentation or recruitment announcement, and the various guild and recruitment criteria.
The list of guild members can be found in the second tab and includes a search-by-member field.


Apply to a Guild

From the directory, you can join a guild (automatic open recruitment) or apply to a guild (manual open recruitment).
You can apply to join only one guild at a time, and you can write a short introductory text when you apply to a guild.

This application can be found at the bottom of the directory until it is processed. It can be edited or deleted.

Guilds can receive up to 50 applications. When this limit is reached, players cannot apply until the number of applications has decreased again.

Accepting or rejecting applications is reserved for members who have the right to do so, but all guild members can view applications.

New Rights

Two new guild rights are being introduced:

- Configure recruitment
- Accept/Reject recruitment applications

Chat Messages

A chat message has been added when a player:

  • joins the guild 
  • leaves the guild

Direct Invites

You can still invite a player by clicking on their name/character and then "Invite to join my guild" if they are online and not busy.

You can find all this information right in the game, in the guild category inside the guide.

Have fun recruiting, everyone!

Moosty & Lakha