The time has come for the World of Twelve's adventurers to celebrate Iop's arrival in their lands. He's fond of nice meals with friends and good old-fashioned beatings, so he's adding some seasoning to the DOFUS Retro experience – his own special seasoning, of course! Temporis is back, and Iop is working to bring everyone their own version of the game, one that is faster, more powerful, and more fun!

General Rules

  • To start off well, the pace of the overall game experience is being accelerated; multipliers are applied to experience gauges (levels, professions), drop rates, and rune generation via breakage. Don't be in too much of a rush, though, because we're just getting started.
  • Because calculations are too difficult for him, Iop made an unprecedented decision to remove characteristic thresholds. Now there can be no more doubt – one characteristic point invested grants you one characteristic point, and that's it! And in case you were wondering, yes, it is possible to have 995 Intelligence at level 200.
  • Finally, each of the classes is receiving Iop's blessing and being improved with a passive in the image of its creator that is unique to Temporis. Obviously, each of these passive exudes combat and encourages adventurers to hit harder and harder. We'll have time to feel sorry for the World of Twelve's fauna another time, because for now, it's time for battle!

Class Blessings

Let's take a quick look at the classes and the bonuses they receive.

  • Iop: Devastating Barrage

A damage line is added for each Iop attack spell, in the attack element. This new line inflicts 2 damage and creates synergy with the Iop boost kit. Oh, and we can see you wise guys in the back… the Sword of Judgment only has one additional damage line (luckily!).

  • Cra: Charged Attack

Cras accumulate charges with each of their attacks (each attack doesn't have to hit an opponent). After accumulating two charges, the third attack receives a 25% final damage inflicted bonus.

  • Sram: Target Acquired

Sram spells apply the "Targeted" state to the attacked opponent. When targeted, this opponent's resistances decrease by 25% until they are defeated or another opponent is attacked; the latter then becomes the new enemy to be defeated and takes the Targeted state. Also, all invisibility spells grant a bonus of 1 additional MP.

  • Sacrier: Blood Bath

The vitality threshold is increased to 1 for 3. Bonuses and damage received from punishments are increased, and their duration is decreased. For Sacriers, the power gain is faster but also riskier!

Punishment Thresholds

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6

Characteristics Gained with Punishment

+50 +100 +150 +200 +300 +400

Damage Suffered

+5% +6% +7% +8% +9% +10%
Punishment Duration 4 turns 4 turns 4 turns 4 turns 4 turns 4 turns


  • Xelor: Time Delay

Xelors receive a second damage line equivalent to the AP cost of the spell used. The higher the spell's AP cost, and the more powerful the damage bonus. This bonus applies to all Xelor spells; spells such as Slow Down and Time Theft inflict neutral damage.

Example (Hand)

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6

AP Cost

6 AP 6 AP 6 AP 5 AP 4 AP 4 AP


12 12 12 10 8


  • Eniripsa: Damage Dealer

Since words are our most powerful weapon, all Eniripsa healing spells' AP costs are decreased and they grant, in addition to healing, their target a damage bonus. The more powerful the healing spell, the greater the damage bonus. Obviously, the Word of Recovery doesn't give as much damage as it heals – the aim isn't to turn our good old healers into Iops. Finally, and because you should never have too much of a good thing, healing spells apply a 2% damage suffered penalty to their target (to compensate).

Example (Curative Word)

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6


5 to 11 7 to 13 9 to 15 11 to 17 13 to 19

17 to 25

AP Cost

2 AP 2 AP 2 AP 2 AP 2 AP 2 AP

Fixed Damage Bonus

5 to 11 7 to 13 9 to 15 11 to 17 13 to 19


Final Damage Inflicted Percentage Bonus - - - - - 15 to 18
  • Feca: Offensive Defence

Because quite often, the best defense is an attack, Fecas' armor grants a bonus of its own, and its duration is decreased by one turn. Nevertheless, Fecas are unconditional altruists, so they share part of their bonuses with their allies because they're always stronger when they're together. 

Earth Armour Glowing Armour Aqueous Armour Wind Armour
Damage Bonus Critical Hit Bonus AP Bonus MP Bonus
  • Sadida: Latent Poison

Sadidas are sneaky, as Iop has noticed. Despite his preference for head-on combat, he decided to add a poison to each of their spells that infects their opponents for 1 turn. The power of the poison depends on the power of the spell cast.

Example (Aggressive Bramble)

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6

Base Spell Damage

6 to 30 6 to 35 6 to 40 6 to 45 6 to 50 6 to 65

Poison Damage

6 7 8 9 10


  • Osamodas: Sharing

Osamodas summons receive part of their summoner's characteristics. You'll finally be able to focus on characteristics besides Vitality, dear masters of beasts, and you can thank Iop for it!

Sharing Scale

Summons's Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6

Shared Characteristics

36% 42% 48% 54% 60% 70%
  • Enutrof: Fountain of Youth

Dear Enutrofs, get active to counteract old age, and use your legs to receive a damage bonus! Each MP used grants you a damage bonus that increases based on your level.

Damage Bonus

Player's Level Level 1 Level 31 Level 61 Level 91 Level 121 Level 151

Bonus per MP Used

+3 damage +4 damage +5 damage

+6 damage

+7 damage +4% final damage inflicted
  • Pandawa: Moderate Inebriation

The god has added his own little touch to Pandawas' favorite beverage, which has the effect of enhancing their abilities in the Drunk state. Don't worry, we know alcohol should be consumed in moderation (nothing to do with the moderation team, mind you), which is why he also rewards sobriety among our black-spotted friends.

Sober State: +35% final damage inflicted
Drunk State: +2 AP and +2 MP

  • Ecaflip: Winning Bet

If you're going to gamble on luck, you might as well go all in! Iop decided that Ecaflips would have a one-in-two chance of inflicting a critical hit. Yes, just like that, all for free!


Equipment Drops

In Temporis Retro, equipment is dropped by monsters if you hit them hard enough. However, items are distributed based on whether or not they are part of a set.

  • Set Items: If the equipment is part of a set, it is dropped by the associated monster family (Blops drop the Blop set, the Ancestral Treechnid drop its own set, etc.).
  • Non-Set Items: If the equipment is not part of a set, it is dropped by all monsters that are in the same level bracket as the relevant item (Bworks drop the Pilbocks Hat).

Iop Challenges

Iop can be found in the Hall of the Valiant, on the highest peaks of Cania. He is organizing the greatest banquet the World of Twelve has ever seen, and he and his guests want entertainment. So Iop has prepared difficult challenges for adventurers to test their combat skills (and also to have fun).

Iop is offering two types of challenges with their own access conditions:

  • Classic Challenges: Defeat a dungeon boss and their minions, for up to two players. The fight takes place in the relevant boss's room, from the Snoowolf to the Giant Kralove.
  • Exotic challenges: Defeat an unusual group of monsters, which may include monsters that aren't from the same family or dungeon bosses who could never have met otherwise. These challenges can be completed by up to four players, and they are the most difficult ones Iop can give you.

Unlocking Conditions:

There is a different way to unlock each challenge category:

  • Classic challenges are unlocked as soon as the associated dungeon boss has been defeated in its lair.

For example, once the Royal Gobball has been defeated, the player can go back to the Hall of the Valiant and attempt the "Iop Challenge – Royal Gobball".

  • Exotic Challenges are unlocked when a player on the server receives a special relic dropped by one of the bosses that make up these special challenges.

For example, once a player has received the Snoowolf Relic as a drop, the whole server can go back to the Hall of the Valiant and face the "Snoowolf Among the Gobballs" challenge.



In this Temporis, adventurers can collect Iopkens and Tempokens.

  • Iopkens: These can be collected by completing quests that are exclusive to Temporis. They let you obtain equipment and consumables from the various merchant NPCs in the Hall of the Valiant. Dofus, scrolls, and glutton chow will be on sale there in exchange for these tokens, which are testament to your battle feats on the server.
  • Tempokens: Tempokens act as progress markers. You receive as many of them as you do Iopkens, but they differ in that they cannot be exchanged. Throughout your adventure on Temporis, you will earn these Tempokens that will mark your progress and give you access to exclusive rewards for the event.

NPCs in the Hall of the Valiant

You'll be able to obtain items and equipment from the NPCs in the Hall of the Valiant with the Iopkens collected during your Temporis adventure. Some of the items available are:

  • Dofus with perfect stats (buying one is conditional on your progress) from Mark Etable.
  • Characteristic/spell scrolls and spells from Venn Dhur and Sal Sman.
  • Glutton chow from Anim Allover.

Other NPCs can also be found be there:

  • Resetto lets you reset your characteristics or forget your spells.
  • Reece Eller takes your excess equipment and exchanges it for Iopken fragments. Earn a certain number of fragments to form 1 Iopken and put butter on your bread (or satisfy your impulse buy cravings).
  • The god Iop gives you access to his challenges.


Based on your progress and the number of Tempokens you collect on Temporis, you'll be able to earn unique rewards to take back to your original servers. Iop will give you his exclusive Livitinem cloak and hat, a shield, and his little pet (oddly armed to the teeth, of course…) if you complete the challenges he gives you.

The different thresholds:

  • 2,500 Tempokens: Shield of the Valiant
  • 3,500 Tempokens: Cloak of the Valiant
  • 4,500 Tempokens: Helmet of the Valiant
  • 5,500 Tempokens: the Estok

The number of Tempokens collected on Temporis will also affect the amount of experience you will take away from the event. The more you earn, the more powerful the experience potion you will be rewarded with.

And so you won't embark on the adventure completely empty-handed, we'll give you a starter set whose power and level will be proportional to those of your experience potion. It's versatile and aims to make you independent. However, it is linked to your account and will only grant its effects when it is fully equipped.

The Glutton

After seeing countless of his followers not coming back from Moon Forest, Iop came to the conclusion that the Greedovore was his archenemy, so he decided to domesticate it and turn it into a pet. He will give you it as soon as you arrive at the Hall of the Valiant, through Anim Allover, who will be your contact person for all things Glutton-related.

  • Glutton Characteristic: +1 base AP

The Glutton is a cannibal and feeds on chow made from other pets to grow stronger; glutton chow can be bought from Anim Allover. You can improve your Glutton's characteristics with this chow, up to the following maximums:

  • 80 characteristics (Strength, Intelligence, Chance, Agility)
  • +50 Wisdom
  • 165 Vitality
  • 20% resistance (Neutral, Earth, Fire, Water, Air)
  • 10 damage
  • 50% damage

You will be able to combine the characteristics based on your needs, within the usual limits of a pet's abilities. For example, 40 Strength points and 5 damage points, or 100 Vitality points and 20 Wisdom points. In any case, the Glutton will follow you around throughout your Temporis adventure, so optimize it to your liking! Oh, and I almost forgot: It's chameleon, so express your own style and look!


You can buy Dofus with perfect stats from Mark Etable. But don't rush! You'll only be able to buy them if you've met certain conditions related to the guardian of the relevant Dofus:

  • Beat the boss in the boss's dungeon.
  • Complete the boss's classic Iop challenge.
  • Complete the boss's exotic challenge.

Once these conditions have been met, you can exchange your Iopkens for the Dofus you unlocked! (Obviously, if your goal is to receive such Dofus as drops from their guardians, that's always possible!)


Temporis Interface

In place of your mount interface (gone too soon…), you will find a new interface that is exclusive to this Temporis and will let you see your real-time overall progress. There you will find:

  • General information about the server (the various bonuses, class passives).
  • A section on how drops work (set and non-set drops).
  • A page for progress in the Iop Challenges.
  • A sidebar specific to unlocking Dofus.

Browse this interface freely to track your progress and plan your next objectives.



This is it – the end-of-server event that will bring this new and unique experience in DOFUS Retro to a close. The Goultarminator is back for the start of 2022 in a guild-versus-guild format. We wanted to keep as many of the original rules of the tournament as possible while adapting it to temporary server dynamics, so several rules are necessary:

  • Players who want to participate in the tournament must belong to a guild.
  • Participating guilds must nominate 12 participants (+12 optional substitutes), all from different classes.
  • Each guild must be at least level 30, and its participating members must be at least level 150.
  • Characters will be transferred from the Temporis server (with their inventories) to the Tournament server for the occasion, and they will be increased to level 200.

That's it for the prerequisites to enter the tournament. Now, how does the tournament actually work?

  • Each guild must create four teams of three players each.
  • Teams can be formed how you like, and each team has three players.
  • Registration and the running of the tournament will be done on our partner's website, and all participants must have a KTA account:
  • Registration will be open from Thursday, March 10, to Tuesday, March 15, 2022.
  • The tournament will take place from Monday, March 21, to Sunday, April 3. Matches in the qualification rounds will start at 8 p.m. (Paris time) and matches in the finals will start at 7:30 p.m.
  • Temporis class passives will not be activated during the tournament; the Glutton will not be available.
  • The tournament will be organized in two phases:
    • Swiss-style qualification rounds where each team will compete individually to earn points for their guild.
    • Finals in a single-elimination format, where guilds will compete according to their ranking from the round of 16 until the final. When two guilds face each other, each of the four teams in a guild faces the teams in the other guild based on their rankings in the qualification rounds. In the event of a tie, a fifth tie-breaking match will be organized. Each team will be able to ban three of the other team's classes and will have five minutes to form their team from among the remaining classes.
  • The teams' rankings will depend on the following, in this order:
    • Swiss points earned in each match during the qualification rounds,
    • the Opponents' Winning Percentage (OWP), and
    • the teams' Goultarminator points, which depend on the surviving player differential at the end of the match. Additional points are awarded in the event of overwhelming victory.
  • The guilds' rankings will depend on the following, in this order:
    • the sum of the guild's teams' Swiss points,
    • the Opponents' Winning Percentage (guild OWP) of the opponents faced by all the guild's teams, and
    • the sum of the guild's teams' Goultarminator points.

Full details of the rules will be available in the coming weeks. For now, all that's left is for us to wish the most valiant among you a good rush, and may the best win!

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