As previously mentioned, we're currently working on an overhaul of the game's social aspects – a major change that will extend over multiple updates (and yes, that means you can expect more guild-related changes in the next few updates as well). 

We presented our first batch of improvements in update 2.62 in December 2021, which focused on an overhaul of the recruitment and directory system. You can read the devblog for that update here:

We're now continuing this work with three new features and an overhaul of a fourth:

  1. Guild chest
  2. Guild log
  3. Notes from guild members
  4. Rights and ranks (overhaul)
  5. New emblems

1. Guild chest 

Every member of a guild will now find a chest for their guild in every bank in the World of Twelve. You must be subscribed to open the guild chest.

  • This chest has a capacity of 100 slots. You can only deposit items in it, not kamas.
  • It can be accessed by multiple guild members at the same time, whether you're at the same bank or not. You can see who else is viewing the chest at the same time, and see transactions in real time.
  • The "Transfer all" option (available for most chests and inventories) is deactivated for the guild chest, so items must be moved to or from it one by one.
  • When a guild is deleted (due to member inactivity or intentionally), all items in the chest will be deleted.

New associated rights

Each guild can set up different levels of access to the chest for its members:

  • View
  • Deposit
  • Withdraw

You will be able to see what is deposited in or removed from the guild chest (and the character performing these actions) in the recent activity log.

2. Guild log 

Guild Information

This feature will work more or less the same as the old bulletin: it's a space to share information with the guild in free-text format.

However, we have modified how this information is managed by adding two new rights:

  • "Modify guild information" (previously, only the leader and the second in command could modify the bulletin). The "bulletin" has been renamed "guild information".
  • "Modify the guild message" (previously, everyone could edit the guild announcement). The "guild announcement" has been renamed "guild message".

Recent activity

This new section shows the last 50 general actions for the guild (certain actions were previously visible on the website, but not in-game):

  • members who have joined/left the guild
  • rejected applications
  • change in a member's rank
  • addition/modification/removal of a rank
  • increase in the guild's level
  • purchase/sale of a paddock

A second tab will allow members with the "View the guild chest" right to see the last 50 actions in the chest:

  • item deposit
  • item withdrawal

A new "Show names in transactions" right will allow players to see the name of the character who deposited or withdrew items from the guild chest. Members who do not have this right will only see the name of the deposited/withdrawn item and the date.

3. Notes from guild members 

A customizable note will be visible in the guild member interface, in a new dedicated column. This note can be used to indicate the first name or nickname associated with a character, their availability, or their professions, for example.

  • Notes will be visible to all members.
  • A member can modify their own note.
  • A member with the "Manage member notes" right can modify any member's note.
  • The note is limited to 60 characters.
  • To delete a note, simply modify the note and leave the text field blank.

4. Rights and ranks (overhaul) 

If you've read the rest of this article, you've noticed that we're adding even more rights. But managing the existing rights was already a pain… and it's about time we did something about it!

Recall that in the past, assigning rights to a guild member meant having to check the boxes for each right you wanted to assign to each new member, which was a bit of a chore.
As for ranks, they were a cool way to assign guild members a roleplay-like status within the guild, but had no actual connection to rights.

From now on, you will set up standard rights for each rank, and then all you'll have to do is assign the desired rank to each member. In concrete terms, here's what the process will look like:


The 4 basic ranks

By default (when update 2.63 is launched and when creating a new guild), guilds will have 4 basic ranks, two of which can be modified or deleted according to your preferences:

  • Guild Master (former name: leader)
    • Rights cannot be modified: the Guild Master has all available rights.
    • Always at the top of the list of ranks, cannot be moved.
    • This rank cannot be deleted.
    • ️ "Guild Master" rank name can only be modified by the Guild Master.
    • Icon cannot be modified, so that new guild members can quickly identify the Guild Master if the GM's name has changed.
  • Officer
    • As part of the update, all members who have all rights individually checked, or for whom "Have full rights" is checked, will automatically be assigned the rank of "Officer", which will have full rights.
    • ️ Rights are modifiable
    • Rank can be deleted
    • "Officer" rank name is modifiable
    • Icon is modifiable.
  • Initiate
    • As part of the update, all members (other than the Guild Master and Officers) who have at least one right will be assigned this rank, with the following rights:
      • Retrieve loot from own Perceptors
      • Manage own XP contribution
      • Speak in the Alliance channel
      • Place a Perceptor
      • Use paddocks
    • Rights are modifiable
    • Rank can be deleted
    • "Initiate" rank name is modifiable
    • Icon is modifiable.
  • Probie
    • This is the starting rank that a player receives when joining a guild.
    • All members who have no rights (or only the right to "Speak in the Alliance channel") will receive the "Probie" rank as part of the transition to update 2.63.
    • Always at the bottom of the list of ranks, cannot be moved.
    • Default rights: none, and cannot be modified
    • This rank cannot be deleted
    • "Probie" rank name is modifiable
    • Icon cannot be modified (yes, it's underwear – we stand by our choice).

Rank Management

Beyond these 4 basic ranks, you will be able to add, delete, and reorganize ranks however you like.
Note that for everything described below, you can only make modifications to ranks below your own, and only if you have the right allowing you to modify them: "Manage general ranks and rights below my own".

Create a rank

  • The "Create a rank" option allows you to create up to 30 ranks per guild.
  • We've prepared a list of 35 default names, but if those aren't enough, you can also opt for a custom name (1-24 characters).
  • Each rank is associated with an icon, which is modifiable (by clicking on the pencil icon ), and for which you can choose from the following list:
The same icon can be used for multiple ranks.
  • To save time when creating a rank, you can assign it the same rights as another existing rank.
  • Only guild members will be able to see the custom names and added ranks.
    In the directory, the "Guild details" interface, and on the website, only the following will appear:

    • Guild Master
    • Member (covering all ranks other than "Guild Master" and "Probie")
    • Probie

Modify a rank

When mousing over the line for a rank, 3 actions are possible:

  • Move
    • Allows you to drag and drop a rank to change the order.
    • Note that you cannot move any rank above "Guild Master" or below "Probie".
    • You cannot move a lower rank to place it above your own, and you cannot move any rank higher than your own.

  • Modify name and/or icon:
    • The same rules apply here as for creating a rank.
  • Delete
    • You will have to assign players from the deleted rank to a rank below your own. By default, the new rank here will be the one that was directly below the deleted rank.

Manage rights associated with a rank

As mentioned earlier, rights are now associated with each rank, rather than directly with each guild member as they were previously.
To make it easier to assign rights to ranks, we've made a few changes:

  • Rights have been reorganized into groups to make them easier to browse:
    • Everything relating to member management, recruitment and managing member rights
    • Guild XP
    • Log
    • Perceptors
    • Paddocks: we've taken this opportunity to add two new rights to allow people other than the Guild Master to buy a paddock.
    • Alliances
    • Guild Chest
  • The right to "Transfer rights" has been replaced by two new rights:
    • "Manage ranks and rights below my own". A member with this right can:
      • Assign/remove general rights from ranks below their own
      • Create/modify a rank (set the name or icon for a rank, move it to a new place in the hierarchy)
      • Delete a rank
    • and "Assign ranks below my own"
  • The right to "Give full rights" has been replaced by a button to "Select all rights", which then lets you check or uncheck the boxes for all the rights held by the player using it.
    This button is grayed out for players who do not have the associated right. This right has different names on different tabs.
    • General tab: "Manage general ranks and rights below my own"
    • Chest tab: "Manage guild chest rights"
  • "Manage applications" and "Invite new members" have been merged to become "Manage applications and invitations"
  • "Manage boosts" has been renamed as "Manage characteristics and spells". This right is now in the "Perceptors" category, so it should be easier to understand what it does now!
  • "Manage recruitment" has been renamed as "Manage recruitment (announcement, type)"

Assign a rank

Once the ranks have been set up, all that's left is to assign them to guild members by clicking on the button with the key icon (the same one as before) in the member interface.
Only the Guild Master can assign their own rank to another member.

Inactive Guild Master

After the Guild Master has been inactive for 45 days, they will be replaced by a member from the next lower rank in the hierarchy who has logged in within the past 45 days. If multiple members are eligible, the one who logged in most recently will be selected.

5. New emblems

We've added 170 new emblems to choose from – one of them could be the future emblem of your guild or alliance! If you've ever dreamed of having underwear as your guild emblem, now's your chance.

We hope you'll enjoy testing these new features, and please tell us what you think below!

Moosty, Lakha & Nealin 

Category: Game design