Greetings, adventurers of the World of Twelve. I'm writing today to tell you about the next update coming soon to Retro: 1.38, aptly titled the "PvP Update". It's focused on convenience, clarity in combat, and a few tweaks to the tracking system.

Have a seat, grab a nice cup of coffee or tea, and let's get started!

PvP in 1.38

As we all know, PvP (player versus player) is very important for an MMO's sustainability. This is especially true for DOFUS Retro, as the process of optimizing a character to be the best is long and perilous – but oh so gratifying and rewarding for anyone remotely interested.

This activity is epitomized by the notorious tracking system: whether you're prancing around the village zaap or you've just finished an endurance fight with a trool, an opponent can jump out from behind a bush and beat you up (or maybe not!). A legendary match ensues between two star-crossed players… to protect their home village… halfway around the world… as they trade energy beams and summon ancient demons… (I might be going a little overboard here.)

It has to be said, though, that this system's reputation has somewhat diminished over the years. We believe there are three reasons for this:

  • The player search function is too rigid, and sometimes it doesn't work at all.
  • The target may not be on a map where attacks are allowed, disrupting the tracker's momentum.
  • The tracking process is tedious and mind-numbing.

We're looking to improve the tracking system instead of starting with an entirely new system that would take months to develop without any guarantee of unanimous approval – I'm referring to the Kolossium. Much to certain players' dismay, it isn't destined to come to Retro.

To do this, our first task has been to fix the issues that would sometimes prevent the target search from working properly. Without getting too technical, a tracker might've been unable to find a target even though one was available for several minutes (or even hours!), because another potential target had logged off.  Our measures are intended to make this activity smoother and reduce instances of zero potential targets.

Also, isn't it frustrating when you finally get a seeker scroll, only to discover that the target is in a place where attacking is impossible? From now on, if you're targeted by someone tracking you, the tracker can attack you anywhere, at any time – whether you're in a dungeon or at the zaap, you won't get away! Targets can, however, hide out in their home if they wish.

And then what?

We'd like to use a minor update to change the dialogue system for Thomas and Emma Sacre, such that targets are assigned more passively and automatically. We're still looking for the best method, and we'd like for you to be able to go about your business while you're "in pursuit".

We're also considering a way to acquire a selection of random Shigekax (melon, caramel, apple, banana, etc.) via strokens, so as to add this deeper gameplay to existing servers that don't currently offer these items.

A More Immersive DOFUS

With this update, we're hitting a new milestone with Retro: a colorful tactical mode had been added, and we're up to 60 frames per second thanks to the Remastered version. Now we're giving you the chance to be free of those infamous black sidebars that are so old-school – that's right, we're introducing a widescreen mode (16:9) to DOFUS Retro!


You cry out with concern or excitement, depending on your personality…

Indeed, this feature, to be available via the "modern" architecture, will dynamically replace the edges of the game window with an enhanced chat bar, remade from scratch to improve performance and with a full log of your play session!

This space-saving change has not gone to waste. You'll get access to two panels that will go where the game chat used to be:

  • A combat panel with the character's active effects and shortcuts for items and spells
  • An exploration panel with a large mini-map

The first one will display the effects currently applied to the player you're targeting, providing quicker access to key info. We're also adding the movable shortcut bar to the panel, which will incidentally get two additional slots.

Items and spells in the movable shortcut bar will automatically be embedded in the panel.

The second panel features the mini-map from the medallion, but it's XXL size! Whenever and wherever you are, your trusty map will show you the way, like a teammate willing to lend you a hand.

This new chat will also let you perform a search anywhere in the chat interface, like a web browser. You can easily find a combat group or specific item, count the number of times "Joel get on Skype" is said, and so on.

And lastly, the ultimate luxury of modern technology: a dark mode for sensitive eyes!

Is that too modern for you? Not to worry – you can always disable this feature by switching to the Legacy client or via the game settings (select the standard 4:3 display).

Within the company, anyway, we've fully adopted this new way of exploring the game!

Ever Popular Minor Changes

Regarding States

Since forever, states have been fairly dull and abstract in Retro. Have you ever thought to yourself:

  • "Wait, what state do they have?"
  • "Can the Iop use Jump before inflicting Wrath on me?"

It will now be possible to answer this question with a simple movement of the hand! In this example, Brigitte has the "Weakened", "Corrupted", and "Gravity" states. In more colloquial terms, she's in a right pickle.

No less than nine icons will be added in this version, and there could be more yet! We'll let you guess which icon goes with which state. It's not too complicated, but that's the point – we won't hide it!


Iopkens, Strokens, and Doploons: The Same Fight

We developed the feature of buying from an NPC with a special currency for Temporis. We're pleased to announce that this will be applied to the class temples as with Thomas Sacre and Emma Sacre, which will make your purchases so much simpler!

The class temple guardians have informed us that this offer is only valid for buying scrolls with the doploons of a single class.

"%xp% is dead, long live %xp%!"

Sometimes it doesn't take much to be happy, especially if your name is Droopik!

We think a little addition that doesn't seem special will make things a lot more convenient for you: mousing over your level will show you the current percentage along with the number of experience points you need to level up. If you've reached level 200, it won't be displayed given the number of experience points required to get to level 201.

Aligned Alignments

With this update, alignments will be shown at the end of a PvP fight to make the boss's alignment clear to spectators. (Brakmar)

This screenshot has been doctored for illustrative purposes. Obviously a Sadida couldn't finish a PvP fight in 7 seconds.

In Closing

Naturally, this update will include other minor or less visual changes. All modifications will be catalogued in the changelog to be posted on launch day. Some of the directions we've taken probably differ from your expectations, but we truly believe in our choices and hope that everyone will find something for them.

The DOFUS Retro Team

Category: Game design