As a further improvement on the changes we made back in March, but also as a transitional step before the final update with the overhaul of social aspects (coming soon!), we've been working on improving guild chests.

Recall that guild chests are a new feature that first arrived in the game back in March (you can read all about it here). Each guild has a guild chest that's accessible in every bank in the World of Twelve. It has 100 slots and can be used by multiple guild members at the same time. New rights were created to manage access to this chest: View, Deposit and Withdraw.

To go a bit further with this concept and improve on the original feature, we've now added TABS.

What are chest tabs?

A guild chest will have multiple tabs, each providing access to a separate storage area. These chest tabs will have 100 slots each.

Each tab is customizable; specifically, this means that

  • you can rename it and assign your choice of icon to it. These modification rights will depend on the "Manage guild chest" right (previously called "Manage guild chest rights").
  • each tab will have its own associated rights (View, Deposit and Withdraw). In other words, you can give everyone access to certain tabs in the guild chest, but restrict access to specific ranks for other tabs.
  • in the guild log, incoming or outgoing transactions for each tab will be displayed based on what rights you have.
  • you can place restrictions on each tab. For example, you might decide that one tab will only allow bread and runes to be deposited.

How many tabs will a guild have?

Each guild will start out with access to one tab in the guild chest (which is how things are in the game right now). After that, guild members will be able to unlock access to a maximum of 3 additional tabs, for a total of 4 tabs (3 + 1). Continuing with our math lesson, 4 tabs with 100 slots each brings us to a total of 400 slots maximum in the guild chest. So how will you unlock those additional tabs? Well, that brings us to the second big addition to guild chests: THE GUILD POT.

Additional tabs will be unlocked by paying in kamas. Each guild member will be able to contribute kamas to a guild pot in order to unlock additional tabs:

  • Kamas added to the guild pot cannot be recovered. Note that this also applies when a guild is deleted.
  • Contributions to the guild pot apply to one tab at a time. Once the kama goal is reached, the tab is unlocked. A new guild pot will then be started to unlock the next tab, and so on.
  • Each successive tab will be more expensive to unlock.

You can display a list of all contributors to the current guild pot to unlock the next tab. Once that tab is unlocked, this list will be erased and a new one will be created for the new pot. Tab unlocks are shown in the guild log.

Note that 2 restrictions have been added on participation in the guild pot:

  • to contribute, the guild member must have been in the guild for at least 48 hours
  • you can only make one contribution per day, per character and per tab.

New restriction added

To avoid any abuse of the system, we're adding a new restriction on access to the guild chest: In order to obtain its first tab in the guild chest, a guild must have existed for at least 30 days.

To avoid locking anyone out when we introduce this new restriction in the update, the restriction will initially apply only to depositing items in the chest for guilds that are less than 30 days old. That way, members of newer guilds who have deposited items in their chest before the update will still be able to get them back out. Later this quarter, we will then completely block all access to the chest for guilds that are less than 30 days old.

When will this be happening?

As we've mentioned a number of times, we think of Temporis as an opportunity to test out new ideas, concepts or changes so that we can then incorporate them into the game in the most appropriate way possible. That's why we've decided to deploy this new feature only on the Temporis servers for now. This will allow us to better understand how you use the new guild chests, and also to adjust the specific amounts needed to unlock each successive tab. This change will be deployed in-game in the September update if all goes well. We've tweaked certain criteria so that you can still take full advantage of these new features, even in the short time window of a Temporis event. Here are the kama values for unlocking the various tabs in Temporis 7:

  • 1st tab: free
  • 2nd tab: 5,000,000 kamas
  • 3rd tab: 10,000,000 kamas
  • 4th tab: 15,000,000 kamas

We hope you'll enjoy testing these new features, and please tell us what you think!