Inspired by Temporis and the Tempokens timeline, we wanted to add a similar mechanic to the game. Although incredibly popular, the Temporis editions don't necessarily include all players.
In addition, you play in Temporis with characters progress differently and have different equipment than on the classic servers. What we are proposing here is a progression system with objectives over a set period that can be completed with your classic characters.

It's Expedition Time!

Set off on adventure and (re)discover the World of Twelve with Expeditions. Figure out how to defeat the new dungeon mechanics to reach the end of your epic journey. But hurry, this event is seasonal. You have only about 2 months to successfully complete all the challenges that will stand in your way as an apprentice Expeditioner…

For these expeditions, we aim to come up with a strong theme for each new season. And what better than Mercenaries for this first Expedition! Strong, brave and adventurous, can you bring all these qualities together to successfully complete the experience?

The first edition of Expeditions is a chance for us to test a new format on the classic servers. We can't wait to hear your feedback on this new system and then think about potential new expeditions for future editions.

Fighting Intelligently

To start this odyssey, you can visit the NPC Homer Cenary at the Astrub zaap, who will ask you to complete a series of challenges and give you two idols – a Daring idol and a Bravery idol. You will then battle various dungeon keepers in their dungeons while equipping one of these idols: 

  • The Bravery idol enables "Hard" mode for the dungeon keeper.
  • The Daring idol enables "Fun" mode for the dungeon keeper, altering the boss's mechanic.
  • These 2 idols are incompatible with classic idols.

At first, you'll only have 5 dungeon bosses to fight. Then, at regular intervals, a new boss will be added, eventually reaching a total of 20 bosses of level 180 or higher toward the end of the season, which you can fight in Bravery or Daring mode. It's up to you to discover the dungeon keepers' new mechanics and devise new strategies to defeat them. 

Each of your achievements will earn you a certain number of Expedokens. 

Why only level-180+ dungeon keepers?

We want to offer a new activity for players who have already completed a large part of the game and to allow them to experience the game's dungeons in a new way and with new objectives to complete. We think that, at level 50, there's enough content to keep you busy outside Expeditions.

Mercenaries Only Work for Rewards

Yes, you earn rewards with Expeditions. And what rewards they are!  Like the Tempoken timeline in Temporis, you will gradually unlock higher reward tiers based on the number of Expedokens collected. You will unlock rewards related to the game (XP candies, for example) along with seven cosmetic rewards* created specifically for the occasion. To reach the maximum number of rewards in the timeline, you'll need to collect approximately 80% of the available Expedokens.

Work in Progress: final version not shown.

For (even) more rewards, you can also buy (with OGR or €) a Mercenary medal from the shop, which will allow you to earn an additional 23 unique cosmetic rewards* on top of the original seven. This medal, which is obviously not required, has been designed to be generous and give you access to more ceremonial items than the usual shops offerings. Each medal will only be valid for the current Expedition.

* Depending on the reward, rewards will be linked to the account or the character, either permanently or for 6 months.


In the future, based on your feedback, Expeditions will return on a regular basis but they won't become a constant recurring event in which the seasons follow each other immediately. Future seasons will be based on other themes and will present different objectives and new challenges for you to complete.

To avoid spoiling the surprise of the dungeon keepers' new mechanics, we have decided not to include them in September's Beta. The content will be 100% new when the first Expedition starts. 

Now that all the terms of your mercenary contract have been explained, are you ready to rise to the challenge and set out on adventure (again)?

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