We took advantage of Update 2.65 to balance the Pandawa class. Check out the objectives we intend to achieve right now.


Goals for the Balancing

  • Significantly reduce the effectiveness of Pandawa tanks, the perennial kings of PvM, while retaining their role and natural power for this game mode.
    • Remove the "invulnerability" stacking and damage without line of sight while being carried for Pandawas' allies.
    • Make stacking Vulnerability and Fermentation impossible, slightly reduce tanking provided by Boozer.
  • Block Pandiniuras on the first turn. Whether it's in PvP or PvM, this movement tool combined with the positioning skills of the class gave too much of an advantage at the start of the game.
  • Reduce the Bamboos' power in ranged modes to avoid constant long-distance harassment without exposing yourself.
  • Support and harness the class's "Damage Dealer" role, which has been completely neglected until now, by linking it to the other two roles to strengthen the class's identity.
  • Make the elemental paths unique, fun and viable in as many game modes as possible, and therefore offer a real alternative to tanking.
  • Improve the overall gameplay and better exploit the class's "core" mechanics, namely Carry/Throw and the Sober and Drunk states.
  • Update the aging utility and elemental spells.
  • Review the order in which spells are obtained for better progression.
  • Review the variant options to make the gameplay more flexible and allow the elemental paths fuller expression.
  • Make it possible to play multi-element since the class lends itself very well to this style of play due to its whimsy and its mechanics.
  • Improve summons and their role in the gameplay through interactions between them and Pandawas.
Category: Game design