The DOFUS devblog has been feeling a little insecure in its looks lately. Some of the newer devblogs have been making catty comments behind its back which made it cry like a little girl. To stop its embarrassing blubbering, we called up a team of fabulous web fashionistas to give it a make-over. We slipped them a twenty to update several of its features as well. Here's a list of what's changed. 

  • Comments are now linked to the forums to generate real discussion from each article and increase the visibility of new content.
  • A tag cloud has been added to increase accessibility and allow older articles to be searched with ease.
  • The Twitter box – already a popular feature on the main Dofus website – has been added to keep the devblog up-to-date with the newest Dofus information.
  • Now you can click the new  Facebook "I like" button to easily share articles with your friends!

We’re looking forward to your comments about these new features!