Hello everyone!

Today I’ll introduce two new features fresh out of the oven. They should be available with the next major client update.

First, interactive sprites.

This change affects the interfaces for trading and co-operative crafting/smithmaging.

Instead of adding a “send a private message” button (practical, but limited) we decided to make the sprites displayed in these interfaces interactive. When you click on the character, you have access to the full menu of options. This makes sending messages easy, and allows you to view a character’s information, or add them as a friend.

Second, character moods.

This new feature is accessible via the smiley interface. With this change, you will be able to select a smiley indicating your current mood and save it for your entire game session, or until your mood changes! Right click on a smiley to select it as your mood.

When your mood is selected, it will be visible to all your friends and guild members in the friends and guild interfaces respectively.

We hope these small features will help you express yourself with greater ease.

Category: Game design