At the moment, Ice Kamas, the currency that made its appearance with Frigost and can be used to buy island resources, Spiritual Gems and pets, can only currently be obtained by completing the various quests the expansion has to offer. We want to rekindle people’s interest in this currency by diversifying the items that can be bought with them.

Ice kamas, you can never have too many
One ice Kama is good. A sackful of ice Kamas is even better!

Two changes which will arrive with the 2.2.2 patch on the 2nd of November will make Ice Kamas easier to obtain:

An ice kama a day keeps the bankers at bay...
Herr Peece always needs a hand and he’s decided to give up some of his Ice Kamas!

The first change concerns the renewal of the Lurgi Vaccine (an illness unique to Frigost that can deteriorate into the Sarapox and alter a character’s characteristics). We’ve realised that renewing the vaccine each week basically stops people from exploring the island freely, and was much more of a hindrance than anything “fun”, nor did it have any reward.

Since Episode 2 it’s been possible to transform this temporary vaccine into a permanent one by competing Herr Peece’s  quest “The illness”, but lots of players aren’t even aware of this fact and have not competed the quest.

Whatever the case, starting with the 2.2.2 patch:
- Herr Peece will reward an Ice Kama upon each renewal of the vaccine to balance the somewhat restrictive nature of having to retrieve a Mastogob blood sample each week.
- A new, optional weekly quest, “No vaccine for naughty boys and girls” will be available for characters that have the permanent vaccine and will involve them helping vaccinate the inhabitants of Frigost Village in exchange for an Ice Kama.

Not all at once, though!
The brave adventurer must defeat each of the bosses, one after the other, in their dungeons

Finally, to encourage players to form groups for each Frigost dungeon and not just the last ones or the ones they need to make equipment, you can now win one Ice Kama per Frigost dungeon, per day. So, using this method, it should now be possible to win up to 8 Ice Kamas per day.

These winnings will only be available in dungeons (not arenas) and only after you’ve already completed that dungeon once (the first time, you’ll receive the quest item which confirms you’ve won in that particular dungeon as a reward).

In doing so, we hope to be able to not only motivate some of the more experienced and/or advanced players on the island, who would have nothing further to gain from these early dungeons (apart from XP), to go back and help those players who are just starting out to successfully complete them, but also to offer a fixed daily reward to those players who haven’t been able to collect the resources they’re looking for.

Ahh, retail therapy.
After the pleasure of winning his Kamas… this adventurer has just spent them!

The improvements made to Frigost Island, in terms of making it as accessible as possible to a large number of players, will be carried out over the course of the coming updates. The most notable changes will include more opportunities to get Ice Kamas from NPCs, lowering the difficulty of dungeons in episode 2 and adding new equipment and sets to resources from dungeons in episodes 1 and 2.

We hope you find these new changes as beneficial as we do! Have fun!

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