In order to improve dungeon accessibility, we have decided to rethink the way defeats are handled in dungeons and to propose a system to divide progress made into several stages.

Dungeon defeats are currently penalised in three ways:
  • Loss of time from having to reach the dungeon again and completely restart it.
  • Loss of energy points.
  • Loss of a dungeon key.
We think that the way this system penalises defeat is far too harsh and that it discourages players from retrying where they have failed. The current system makes players avoid taking risks and trying dungeons unless they are convinced they can beat them, because the penalties are too high. This situation is not what we want: we would prefer players to take risks, to be daring enough to build original teams to attack dungeons and, most of all, we don’t want failures to be so frustrating and discouraging.

We’d rather a team of players take the risk than do all they can to avoid losing a battle (which usually consists of using a team which is much stronger than the dungeon teams, or, in other words, removing all semblance of difficulty).

Reduction of penalties:

For these reasons, we have decided to reduce the penalties applied when you lose in a dungeon. Each successful fight will be saved individually for each character. Should you be defeated, each character will always be teleported back to their last save point (outside the dungeon), from which they will have to return to the dungeon entrance, where they can gain direct access to the battle room in which they were defeated by talking to the NPC at the dungeon’s entrance.

Only one save point will be available for each dungeon. It will not be possible to return to a room other than the last room reached by your character.

Of course, it will be possible to restart a dungeon from the beginning, even if your character has a saved position within the dungeon.

For example, if your character lost in the fifth room of a dungeon, you can choose between starting the dungeon at the first room and continuing from the fifth room.

No dungeon keys will be necessary to return to a saved position within a dungeon. However, a key will be required to restart a dungeon from the beginning.

More accessible dungeons:

To make the dungeons more accessible, we wanted to allow players to interrupt their progress in a dungeon as they wish without needing to lose a fight.

It will therefore be possible to split your progress through a dungeon into several steps, allowing you to finish a dungeon without doing it all at once. From now on, all you will have to do to leave a dungeon will be to use a teleportation potion (an Intercity-Express potion or a Recall potion, for example).

You can have saved positions in as many dungeons as you like. So, for example, you can start a Chafer dungeon, get to the last room, leave, then finish a Gobball dungeon and return to finish the Chafer dungeon another day.

No time limits will apply to save points in dungeons – they will remain active.


Challenges have a very important influence on the rewards earned during a dungeon fight. With this new system of saving progress in dungeons, we wanted to avoid players being tempted to abandon a fight and return to the dungeon to get a couple of ideal challenges.

For this reason, the challenges generated during a failed fight with a dungeon Boss will be saved for each character and will be reused when the fight in question is reattempted.

If several characters from different groups decide to form a new group and they have different challenges saved, the system will select the challenges saved for the majority of the group’s characters. In a tie-break situation, challenges will be selected at random amongst those saved for the group’s characters.

If the group’s composition changes so as to make certain challenges impossible, different challenges will be generated.

For the moment, we plan to save challenges for 24 hours, but this period may end up being changed.

Boss levels:

A similar problem to that of Challenges became apparent regarding Boss levels. So that players are not tempted to abandon dungeons and restart to find a Boss of the level they want, we have decided to use only the maximum level of Boss in dungeons (which corresponds to rank 5). Rank 5 offers the most experience points as well as the best chances of getting loot. We reckon that this option will be the most beneficial for the players.

We have thought about several systems which might allow players to choose the level of Boss that they would like to face, but none of them has really proved efficient.

We feel that the solution we have chosen is the simplest and most efficient of all.

Difficulty vs. Frustration:

Following the announcement of such a system, we have seen a lot of players complaining that the change will make the game too easy.

We disagree entirely! This system will not make the game any easier for those who are already able to complete dungeons using the current system rules, but it will make the game less frustrating for those who take risks and who are defeated in dungeons.

We are not making the dungeons easier, we just want to lessen the penalties for losing, which is why we are going to allow players to reattempt the stages they didn’t complete earlier rather than having to give up for good.

One of the numerous benefits of this new system is that it will be easier to attack a dungeon without knowing the precise technique needed to beat a Boss. Defeat will not be such an unattractive prospect, and trying new things and taking risks will thus be encouraged. We prefer to present players with the means to learn and to experiment themselves, making the game more entertaining, by penalising defeats to a reasonable degree rather than pushing players to play it safe by punishing experimentation.

Using this system, we’ll be able to offer new dungeons in the future which, despite their difficulty, will not discourage and frustrate the vast majority of our players.


We don’t have a precise date at the moment (the system is still being set up and developed), but we hope to be able to introduce this change to the game at the start of April. Before that, though, we’ll offer you a beta test to try it out and let us know what you think.

What's next:

The introduction of this new system is just one step within a series of improvements in the functioning of dungeons. For a few months now, we have been discussing various systems to replace missing characters within dungeon teams or to make the creation of dungeon groups easier. We will be in touch to tell you about these systems when they are more advanced.
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