Perceptor defense in dungeons has historically had strong restrictions (defense is limited to two guild members and perceptors cannot be placed in the final dungeon room) for one main reason:

Attacking a perceptor set in a dungeon has always been a significant risk; the possibility of losing an entire dungeon run has been a strong deterrent to those who might be interested in challenging them.

But, as we explained in a recent Devblog article, we are working on a new dungeon save point system that will remove most of this risk.
Therefore, we thought it would be very interesting to take this opportunity to upgrade the perceptor system for dungeons.

Many of you have expressed a desire for more team PvP combat, therefore a small upgrade to the Perceptor system seems like a good idea before we embark on more extensive and lengthy upgrades for PvP combat.

New System

Now, when a Perceptor is attacked in a dungeon, if the attackers lose the battle, they will be teleported to their save point outside of the dungeon, but their progress through the dungeon will be retained.
This means that players can now risk attacking a Perceptor set in a dungeon without fear of losing their progress. Even if they are defeated, they can resume the dungeon where they stopped before attacking the Perceptor by returning to the dungeon entrance, speaking to the NPC and asking to return to their dungeon save point.

For some time now, Perceptors have not “stolen” dropped resources from characters in battles, but generated their own drops, like an extra member of a team. Because of this, they are not as much of a nuisance, but rather a potential source of new profits for attackers and defenders.
For this reason, we’ve decided to finally re-allow placing Perceptors in the last room of dungeons!
In addition, Perceptors in dungeons may now be defended by 7 characters (plus the Perceptor being defended) rather than only two.

New Restrictions

To prevent players from using their dungeon save points for placing, collecting, or attacking a Perceptor too easily, it’s not possible to place, collect, or attack a Perceptor when using a dungeon save point.
This restriction will help prevent character “mules” from using a save point in the final dungeon room to regularly collect or place Perceptors. It will also prevent characters from saving in the final room to attack a perceptor, complete the dungeon, and then immediately return to the final room.

To prevent players from repeatedly attacking the same preceptor using a dungeon save point, we’ve decided to introduce a delay between two attacks of the same Perceptor by the same character. This period will be managed individually for each character and applies to the entire attacking team; a character that attacks a Perceptor will have to wait one hour before they can attack the same Perceptor again.
Of course, other characters are still free to attack this Perceptor during this period.

We have initially set this delay to one hour, but may increase or decrease it in future updates if we deem it necessary.
This delay will be applied to all Perceptor attacks, both in and out of dungeons.

We have also decided to curb the use of multiple accounts from one machine in the defense and attack of perceptors - both inside and outside of dungeons. To us, this measure is an important enhancement to the social aspect of guilds and rewards players who can organize themselves into teams. It is also an opportunity to give a slight advantage to players who attack dungeons with teams of different players rather than using multiple accounts.


These changes will be released at the same time as the dungeon save point system; which will be early April if all goes as planned.
Of course, these changes will be available to test on our beta server before their final release. We are looking forward to your feedback.
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