Hello everyone,

With the most recent updates (from Sakai to Frigost Ep 1 and 2), we have added over 150 new pieces of equipment to the game, including 40 new weapons. The creation of new weapons is a process that includes many considerations, including the class that can use it, as well as a character’s other possible equipment, the constitution of their team, AP cost, dual-handed vs single-handed, damage limits and critical hit bonuses, different elemental bonuses, and so on and so forth. Balancing these weapons can be a difficult task without room for error.

The hand-to-hand weapons added with the recent extensions were created to allow alternatives to weapons of the same approximate level that were already present in the game and to allow for some new combinations of gameplay. Our purpose was never to create a precedent of new weapons vastly overpowering their predecessors of the same level; otherwise each new expansion would undermine the diversity of the game by making previous weapons obsolete.
We also believe that the damage output of weapons that is possible at epic levels is already quite high enough, and to increase that damage even further may greatly harm the attractiveness of class spells.

In this light, some recently-created weapons have not met our expectations. To preserve the diversity of weapon choices, we have decided to modify the weapons we found problematic.

Stormcloud Staff

The most visible problem –the one responsible for spilling the most virtual ink, at least – is the Stormcloud Staff. This weapon was intended as a logical variation on other Intelligence staves like the Thrusty Staff, but it has proven to be much too powerful. Great firepower, manageable AP cost, the possibility to have three hits from a single element, a large area of effect, and excellent bonuses made it a must-have weapon for far too many characters.

To offset these advantages, it was decided to make this weapon 5 AP instead of 4. We have also increased its critical hit damage to ameliorate this change to the weapon’s AP cost.

So, even though this staff has become less all-powerful, its balance will return to normal. The most important features of the weapon have been retained, which make it a top-grade tool for hand-to-hand combat: its bonuses are excellent; it’s a rare weapon of a very high level in a popular element; it has HP steals which take advantage of large, fixed +damage bonuses; and a three-square line area of effect.

Other Modifications

Currently, epic level players who are able to achieve ½ critical hits on all spells and weapons has an advantage over players that do not (obviously). Although this is often the result of a greater game investment and it is quite normal for players to push their characters along this path of growth, it does not seem right to us that players be required to have ½ crits to make use of certain weapons. Therefore, we have modified some weapons with appropriate normal damage and overpowered critical hits to offer players a viable choice between making the sacrifices necessary to reach ½ critical hits or do without this crit rate in order to support other areas of their character effectively. These changes are:
  • Critical hit bonus for the Hail Scepter will change from 8 to 6.
  • Critical hit rate for the Sunshade Staff will change from 1/40 to 1/50.
  • Critical hit bonus for the Ethical Wand will change from 6 to 4.
  • Critical hit rate for the Elven Shovel will change from 1/40 to 1/50 and its critical hit bonus will change from 5 to 4.
  • Critical hit bonus for the Peccadillo Blade will change from 7 to 5.
  • Critical hit bonus for the Youyettes will change from 8 to 6. These daggers start out with a critical rate of 1/30, so in this case the modification is to bring this dagger’s damage more in line with that of others from its level range – particularly the Gaga Daggers, which are excellent weapons but seem less handy than the Youyettes, because they are higher level and have no HP steal damage. The Youyettes will retain their advantage of having more powerful attacks, but with fewer critical hits, making them more stable, damage-wise.


As we explained in the foreward, we believe that existing epic-level weapons have already reached a satisfactory level of damage output, and that creating vastly more powerful weapons in future expansions would damage the game and devalue the use of class spells; our intentions are the opposite of this, we want to increase the value of using class spells in combat.

Weapons created for the next major expansion of the game – Frigost Episode 3, for example – will very likely not differ greatly from weapons that currently exist at epic levels in terms of larger amounts of damage. Instead they will be differentiated by different types of elemental damage, AP cost, or critical hits with the intent to offer players new options or support existing character choices.

So now you understand our perspective on hand-to-hand combat weapons in DOFUS; we hope that you’ll look kindly upon these changes and catch a glimpse of the possibilities ahead!

Written by Seyroth 
Category: Game design