Hello everyone,

There are lots of updates from the level design team for the 2.3.4 patch, and I’m going to take this opportunity to show you some images of what’s in store, and give you some designer commentary as well!

To start, we’ve reviewed the entire Amakna Castle area. Even though its 2.0 graphics were beautiful, we’ve decided that they were ultimately not the best arrangement.
Some houses were barely visible, accessing some paddocks was very difficult, and the maps were too small, with the walls of the city taking up most of the space. It didn’t leave enough room for the players.
So, we have redesigned the Castle area’s architecture, while retaining the same number of maps. As a result, the area is more open and inviting, and we were able to find room for 7 new houses and 3 new paddocks.

Here are some before and after pictures, to better show you the changes.

We have also refitted some interiors in the Amakna area that we found to be a bit baren and uninteresting. This includes both Kanojedos, the Amakna Bank, the Amakna Shop, and the pink house at the port.

These changes mark the beginning of other changes to the game’s interior design that will arrive in future patches.

We believe that these backgrounds are an important part of the game that you experience daily, and we want to keep them updated to improve your gaming pleasure!

Along those lines, we have also decided to revamp the class temples, since many players spend time there every day.

Some temples were already very good, and we didn’t need todo much to improve them. Others… less so, and their changes are more extensive.We’ve also taken this opportunity to add additional maps to the temples, which we hope roleplayers will find enjoyable.

Here are some screenshots of the most significant changes.We’ll let you discover the rest inside the game!

And for the finale, the big surprise of this update is a new collaboration between the DOFUS team and the WAKFU the Animated Series team.This is the first time that we have pushed the concept of transmedia this far between two worlds, trying to capture the flavor of an experience in the cartoon and bring it into the game as well.

In our view, it’s a success! This dungeon has fallen a bit behind the times, and with the advancement in our tools, we’ve decided that den that holds the Dragon Pig should be much more impressive

We hope you’ll enjoy this new dungeon as much as we enjoyed building it! Here are some before and after pics.

And even more maps which have changed:

We’ve also given the island and all the buildings on it a fresh coat of paint.

Finally, remember to turn on your “Show animated backgrounds”option before entering the dungeon! It holds some surprises, and several of us are really looking forward to hearing your feedback about this feature. It’s sure to make re-discovering the quest for the Turquoise Dofus a treat!

Please enjoy!

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