In DOFUS, two elements exist in a fixed amount, but remain eternally popular: houses, and paddocks. Even though we add new houses and paddocks with new game updates, the demand for these properties remains extremely strong.

We used to relist abandoned houses every month or so. However, for some time, this system has not functioned properly, and abandoned houses remained unusable.

But there’s good news, everyone! Reselling property is making a comeback! Abandoned homes will be sold to delighted new owners, and, even better, this system will now apply to paddocks as well! Here’s the details on how this system will keep the housing market strong:


Homes become “abandoned” when the account that owns them has not logged into the server for over six months. When a house enters into this state, the contents of all chests in the house will be transferred into the owner’s bank; the house will be reverted to its default purchase price (the price that it was sold for the first time it was purchased on the server) and the owner refunded the cost (note: the owner will only be refunded kamas in the amount of the default purchase price, if the house was purchased from another player at a higher cost, the difference will not be returned); and all access codes and guild rights (if any) will be reset. The house is thus “purchased” by the server, and will be visible in the real estate agent directory.


Paddocks are a special case. By default, they belong to a guild, so it cannot be pegged to one particular user’s login activity. Therefore, for the moment we are implementing paddock monitoring system, which will allow one to know if a paddock is being used by its guild (by monitoring training mounts, the arrangement of breeding machines, etc).

A paddock which has not been used by its guild for three months will fall into the “abandoned” state. When the paddock falls into this state, it is removed from the guild’s ownership. Mounts will be transferred into the banks of their owners, or the leader if the owner cannot be found, and breeding machines will be transferred to the guild leader’s bank. Then, after three additional months, the paddock will be relisted under its default purchase price. The default purchase price will be returned to the guild leader, however, if the paddock was purchased for more than the default purchase price, the additional kamas will not be returned.


This reselling process will not happen automatically, but rather on a monthly schedule. However, we intend to increase the frequency of these resale events to avoid creating a rush each time.

We encourage house and paddock owners to relist assets that they are not using in order to maximize their profits and avoid being dispossessed by the automated system. If they do so, other players can take advantage of these properties quickly without waiting for a forced estate sale, and everyone will benefit.

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