We announced a few weeks ago in Inside Ankama that a new Ogrines service is about to emerge: Restoration of Deleted Characters.

Obviously since this announcement was made, many of you have had questions about this service: When will it be available? What kind of restrictions will it have? How does it work? Let’s go over some of the important points together…

What is Character Restoration?

When a player decides to delete a character on his account, this character does not disappear completely, it is made inaccessible by the account and the character slot that the character used is made available. We keep a copy of this character in our database for a short time in the event of rollbacks and other drastic situations.

The Character Restoration service allows a player to retrieve one of the characters they have deleted on their own account.

What exactly will be restored?

The character will be restored in its entirety. It will retain its color, level, characteristics (including points gained with scrolls), spell points (including bonus points gained by using scrolls), and all the equipment the character was using at the time of deletion (including equipped items, inventory, quest items, mount, and mount inventory).
The character’s completed quest history will also be retained.

If the character was a member of a guild when it was deleted, and has not been removed from the guild by the leader or by inactivity, it will be returned to the guild when it is restored.

What are the limits of this service?

Only characters level 20 and up, or characters with a profession level of 20 or higher can be restored. Characters who do not meet these criteria will not be archived when they are deleted. We believe that below these limits, the investment of playing time doesn’t justify the additional costs associated with archiving thousands of additional characters.

Characters that meet the characteristics listed above are now archived for life in our database. There will be no time limit to use this Ogrines service, as long as the criteria have been met.
However, because certain changes had to be made to the archiving system to ensure that all characters equipment, inventory, and quest history will be saved, only characters that were deleted after February 15th, 2011 will be eligible for complete restoration.

Characters that were deleted between June 1st, 2010 and February 15th, 2011 can be partially restored (without their equipment, inventory, mount, or quests).
Characters deleted before June 1st, 2010 cannot be restored under any circumstances.

What happens if a character’s name has been used since it was deleted?

If the name of a restored character is no longer available, the user will get a free name change.

How much does it cost?

The restoration of a character via support has traditionally been free, but always removed the character’s “guts” (inventory, equipment, quest history, and mounts). This type of restoration without equipment will always be offered in certain cases via support tickets (in cases of account theft particularly). Applications for restoration of characters after an account theft incident which were placed on hold will be processed once the new service is fully operational.
The Ogrines service for full recovery will be fully automated and cost 5000 Ogrines.

When will this service be available?

It will be later that we originally announced in the Letters to the Editor, but the service is due to be available in coming weeks.
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