In the next update, we will introduce a small adjustment to the functions of the item toolbar and the spell toolbar. These two bars currently operate as a second inventory section: when an item is moved to the toolbar, they are literally moved into a different area of the character’s inventory, they do not stack with similar items that remain in a character’s bag. When dealing with supplies (meat, bread, recall potions, etc…) one must resupply the toolbar’s stock with items from the main inventory, or it will run out, even if the main inventory still has plenty of the object in question. Also, at the moment, it’s not possible to place the same spell in the spell toolbar more than once, even when using different pages of the spell toolbar. We have decided to improve how this system handles items: after this adjustment is live on the server, both toolbars will use “real” shortcuts.

Real shortcuts?

A shortcut in a toolbar - be it for a spell or an object – is no longer “exclusive” to a single object or spell. For example, when an object is placed in the item toolbar, the game will no longer request a quantity to move to the bar, instead a shortcut linked to the object will be shown in the toolbar reflecting the object as it exists in one’s inventory, and allows the object to be used directly from the toolbar, without opening the inventory interface.

That’s nice, but how does it help me?

You can create multiple shortcuts for the same object or spell

Now that a toolbar shortcut is more like a link to an object rather than a separate stack of objects, it’s possible to place a spell in the spell toolbar several times, which, for example, allows one to create special sets of spells for different situations on different pages of the spell toolbar.

You can also track item quantities in your inventory in real time.

Toolbar shortcuts will show the quantity of an item in one’s inventory. For example, it will be possible for an Alchemist to add a Five-Leaf Clover shortcut to their toolbar to track how many they are harvesting. A Forgemager can create shortcuts for their runes, and see how many they have left after a vigorous session of maging without opening their inventory!

It’s also very convenient for consumable items (bread, recall potions, fairy-works, etc).
With the new toolbar shortcuts, there’ll be no more need to transfer more consumables into the toolbar when you need them quickly! Once the shortcut for your favorite type of bread has been added to your tool bar, you can use it as long as you still have bread in your inventory. Better yet, even if you eat through your supplies, the shortcut to that type of bread will not vanish. Buy or bake more of the same type of bread, and the shortcut will update right away to reflect your new inventory.

And there's more…

These changes also apply to Incarnation spells! Once again, you’ll be able to move, swap, or delete Incarnation spells from your toolbar. However, if you go without using a particular Incarnation for more than 30 days, the toolbars will reset to their default settings. However, they can always be arranged again.

Final thoughts

That’s all for today, I hope this improvement to the toolbars makes your life easier! Good gaming!

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