Although this change primarily affects our future new players who may not yet be regular readers of this blog (hi new players!), it’s important to keep our current players updated on our new download system for DOFUS.

Right now, when a player downloads the game for the first time, the Uplauncher will install the full DOFUS client on his computer, which amounts to more than 800 MB of game data. Although this size is still light compared to other major games, it does result in a rather long download time, which makes a long delay for players discovering the game for the first time.

Our goal is to reduce the wait time between when a new player hits “download” and when they can connect to the game.

Customer segmentation

First, we must segment the DOFUS client into three main parts.

The first basic segment contains everything that a player needs to explore Incarnam and Astrub (maps, monsters, NPCs, etc…) as well as sprites for all items level 30 and below.

The second segment contains sprites for all game objects and map data for the entire continent of Amakna (including areas like Koalak Mountain, Sidimode, Cania, Bonta, Brakmar, etc…), but not including maps for any dungeons (with the exception of the Gobball Dungeon).

The third and final segement contains the rest of the data from game areas not covered in the previous two segments - including islands like Moon and Wabbit; other continents, like Frigost or Otomai ; and dungeons from all areas of the game.

Custom Installers

Segmenting the client in this manner allows us to offer two different version of the DOFUS installer on the download page, based on several criteria:
  • If a player is not logged in on the website, or is logged in to an account that is not subscribed, the “discovery” installer will download the first segment of the DOFUS client so that it can quickly connect to areas that a new or F2P player needs access to.
  • If a player is logged in with a subscribed account, the installer will download all three segments of the game and install the full DOFUS client.

Progressive Installation

If you have already installed the DOFUS client at the time of this devblog’s publication, you’ve already downloaded the full game, nothing will change for you! But what will happen to players who start off with the basic version of the client, and who then need to download additional segments of the game when they want to explore more of the game, or become a subscriber?

It’s quite simple; these additional segments will be automatically downloaded when certain conditions are met:
The second segment of the client will be automatically downloaded the first time a new player visits Astrub, or the first time a new player connects to the game from a subscribed account.
The third segment will also be downloaded the first time a new player connects to the game with a subscribed account.

In order to keep the game-playing experience immersive and fluid, these segments will download automatically, while playing. A small interface window will appear in the upper left corner of the screen and will display a download’s progress. When the download is complete, a dialog box will pop up, explaining that the game client must be restarted to take advantage of the content that was just downloaded.

If the player disconnects and leaves the game before the download is completed, the client will resume the download the next time the Uplauncher is run. The user will have to wait for the Uplauncher to finish the download before play can resume.

Unavailable Areas

When a player tries to access an area (by changing maps or talking to an NPC) that is not part of the game client segment they have installed, the server blocks the request and a dialog box will appear to indicate to the player that the area in unavailable; the necessary client segment must be downloaded and the game client restarted before it can be accessed.

Unavailable Characters

If a player connects using a client that is not complete and tries to access characters located in areas that are not part of the installed client (this can happen to accounts that have been subscribed in the past, but are not currently subscribed), the character will be grayed out and marked as “unavailable.”

Selecting one of these “unavailable” characters and pressing the Play button will automatically prompt the client to download the game segments required to load the character.

Final Thoughts

With this new system, new players can get into the game faster, without waiting too long for a download.

For those who need to uninstall and reinstall the DOFUS client completely, simply make sure to log in to the DOFUS website before downloading the installer!

All other players who use the Uplauncher to update their game client will see no change in their day-to-day habits.

Note: This new system of installation and segmentation is currently in beta on the Test server. You can install the “discovery” or “base” client by using the links in this topic. Please share your feedback with us on the Test Server forum; we’re waiting for your comments! Thanks!
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