Now that we’ve given you a presentation on Retrieving Deleted Characters, it’s time to serve up the details of how another long-awaited Ogrines service will function: Server Transfers!

What is a Server Transfer?

The Server Transfer service allows a user to transfer one or more of their existing characters from one server to another. The character is “migrated” with all the items they are holding in their inventory, including their Dragoturkey and its inventory, and any Dragoturkeys roosting in paddocks, public or privately owned. On the other hand, the bank account linked with the character and its contents remain on the character’s original server, as does the character’s house, and the contents of the house’s chests. Same goes for the character’s guild, and any breeding equipment in paddocks. Those who would like to leave their server should take this into account, and think about selling their homes or paddocks before leaving a server.

Are there any restrictions on transferring characters?

Each player can transfer their character to the server of their choice without constraints related to seniority, but transfers must adhere to certain criteria:
  • A player may not transfer his character to a server outside of their community.
  • It is not possible to transfer a character to the Heroic server from another server, nor to transfer a character created on the Heroic server to a traditional server.
  • Only characters above level 20, or with a profession higher than level 20 can be transferred.
  • Only one character transfer is allowed per account per month. It is possible to transfer one or more characters on the same account from the same server at one time, but the service will be blocked for one month after each use.
  • All characters with the Mercenary alignment will be automatically returned to the Neutral alignment on their new server. Any items related to the mercenary alignment in a character’s inventory will be deleted during the transfer process.
  • Items for sale in the Marketplaces will not be transferred.

Transfer Quotas?

The number of migration slots that are available for each server in a single week (including the the migration of multiple characters) are limited by quotas. This quota system allows us to maintain control over migration trends, and prevents servers from becoming suddenly saturated with hundreds of new characters.
The amount of available migration slots depends on the current population status of the destination server.
  • 50 migration slots per week for High-population servers.
  • 100 per week for Normal-population servers.
  • 200 per week for Low-population servers.

These quotas are likely to change to reflect transfers to and from certain servers. Once these quotas have been met, the server is no longer available in the list of target servers until the following week.

How does a Server Transfer work?

You can book a server transfer any time in the week. Once you have paid the cost of the service in Ogrines, you select the character you want to transfer, and pick your destination server.

Once the transfer has been booked, you can still use your character on its current server up until the next weekly server maintenance after your transfer request (usually, this maintenance is performed every Tuesday).
All server transfers are done during these weekly maintenance periods, and characters are transferred in the state that they were in at the time that their home server goes down for maintenance – so make sure that you have correctly placed everything you want to transfer in your character’s inventory before then!

A player may change or cancel a server transfer up until Midnight (GMT+1) on Sunday nights. If the transfer is canceled, the player’s account will be credited with the Ogrines used to book the transfer. All reservations made at or after 00:01 AM (GMT+1) Monday mornings will be bumped to the following week.

By setting a specific day each week for processing server transfers, we are intentionally imposing a delay for using this server to enable a player to cancel a transfer or, in a worse-case scenario, avoid an unwanted server transfer due to account theft.
If the character is not transferable (for example, if it was deleted between the time of the transfer booking and the transfer, or if there is a technical error), the transfer will be canceled, and the Ogrines credited to the player’s account. In the case of multiple simultaneous character transfers, if any one character is not eligible for transfer, then the entire group of transfers will be canceled, and the Ogrines used to purchase the service returned to the player’s account.

How much will it cost?

Transferring a character to another server will cost 9000 Ogrines.

If a user wants to transfer more characters from the same account from the same source server to the same target server, they will have the opportunity to do so, and enjoy a special offer: 9000 Ogrines + 5000 Ogrines extra per each character transferred.

For example, simultaneously transferring two characters would cost 14,000 Ogrines instead of 18,000; three characters, 19,000 instead of 27,000; four characters 24,000 instead of 36,000; and so on. As noted above, the characters must all be on the same account and the same server to qualify for this discount.

We may also offer limited-time discounts on the price of a server transfer (or maybe even free transfers) from over-populated servers to less populated servers.

When will we be able to use this service?

We expect to release the Server Transfer service during the month of June.