Hello everyone! I'm Cuicui, the latest addition to the Dofus development team. For my first article, I am introducing to you a very simple 2.3.5 novelty which should save a lot of time for all the players in search of XP.

From now on, the XP value the one can gain from a fight is displayed in the Information tooltip that appears when hovering over a group of monsters.
This value takes into consideration the level of a character as well as their Wisdom and the number of stars the mob currently has, but it also take into account the XP donation percentages a character has chosen to sacrifice towards its guild or mount. However, the displayed XP does not consider potential challenges, because challenges are only generated once the fight begins.

You will see two possible versions of this number:

If the character does not belong to a group, only one figure is displayed: this is the estimated amount of xp the character will win if they fight alone.

Dania could never resist big numbers...

If the character belongs to a group, two values are displayed: one with the XP that the character would win by fighting the monsters alone, and one with the XP that they would get from winning the fight together with all the members of their group.

...but bigger numbers are even better!

Let's remember the fact that, during a fight, the experience gained is increased relative to the number of characters present in the fight, as long as the group attacks monsters within their level cap.

In general, for an optimal gainable XP, Total monster level is not lower than 5 below total player level and not higher than 10 above. * For groups of monsters, the level of at least one monster multiplied by 2.5 needs to be higher than the total player level. The greater the level difference between the two, the lower the gainable XP is. As such, sometimes it is more beneficial to fight a group of monster alone rather than in a group.

Dania doesn't abandon her friends, even for easy solo XP.
They'll find another group to kill together!

This new functionality will allow you to better anticipate the XP gained from a fight, and let you avoid picking a mob that doesn't really suit your group, or - quite the opposite - it will let you know if you're about to walk right by a big chunk of XP.

Hoping this will be useful to you all... Enjoy the game!
Category: Game design