The Goultarminator is approaching fast, and even if the first battles have not yet begun, many servers are already starting to hone their skills in preparation. So the question arises: what will the Goultarminator’s maps look like?

Brigitte reviews the alphabet with the Goultarminator

This year, while creating the tournament maps, we paid careful attention to feedback that had been sent about the previous edition. Indeed, several participants and spectators had reported several problems to us; some maps were not totally symmetrical (and thus could give an advantage to of the two teams), others made isolating enemies too easy if the team contained a Sacrier, in general the aesthetic aspect had gotten the upper hand over tactical conception.

To remedy this, we used a great deal of reflection and focused on validating the pvp concept of each map before even thinking about the graphical aspect, using player feedback to guide our process. We wanted to generate maps that were more focused on both movement and timing, and which provided more obstacles and cover without to many bottlenecks or close combat maps, which were overused last year.

Finally, we found 12 different maps which we will use to distribute the Goultarminator’s battles. Below, you can see these 12 maps, either in their schematic version (purple squares represent the obstacles that block movements; pink squares indicate obstacles that block line-of-sight and movements; blue and red squares indicate starting cells) or in their Level Design version.

Since we are talking about maps, let us remind you that battle maps are not the only things that have been re-conceived since 2010. Many players had asked us for more adjoined maps where participants could gather, without having to mingle with current battles’ crowd of spectators. Let’s take a quick tour of Goultard’s land:


Dania doesn’t need anybody to reset her spells but she approves of the initiative

In the north of the central map, Reese Ettastat offers the participants the chance to reset their characteristics or to forget a spell for free.

Nobody told Dania that it’s useless to do emotes in front of an empty paddock

North-east, there’s a public paddock, of contain the every type of Dragoturkey, level 100 and ready to be ridden. They are there at the disposal of participants who are willing to exchange their mount.

Dania hopes to become a Pandawushu master too

On the east map, a Pandawushu Master has made camp so that fighters can benefit from his elemental tonics. Everyone will be free to choose between a characteristics bonus and an elemental resistance (and naturally, these bonuses can be changed at will between battles).

An intense duel between Brigitte and Goultard

Finally, inside the Inn on the central map, 9 rooms are available for participants and spectators who want to have a break or talk in a quiet place, away from the turmoil of battle.
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