What are your plans for the holidays?

For my first devblog (yes, I am new, hello to you all!), I am going to talk to you about holidays. Not my own, I assure you, but yours. It's the end of the school year, courses, exams... and most of you will take a few weeks off to catch your breath. But what are you going to do during that break? Crossword puzzles, horseshoes competitions? Maybe, but you are most likely going to play DOFUS, of course!

Consequently, we thought you needed an new game area to enjoy, a change of scenery after all those fights in the Astrub fields or in the Snowfoux frozen caves. A unique summer getaway, with a mixture of sea salt, scented oils and the smell of grilled meat cooked to perfection. And this is how our idea for Vulkania was born!

The Vulkania Archipelago appeared on the world map a little while ago.

Vulkania, what's that?

The Vulkania Archipelago is a new area only accessible during the summer months. The limited months concept resembles Kwismas Island, but the similarities between the islands stop there: temperature wise, we are in a completely different spectrum. Abandon your woolly caps, furry tunics and heavy jackets in favor of much lighter attire. The inhabitants of Frigost might consider a shave so not to resemble a YeCh'Ti on the beach...

As Captain "Jane Away" will confirm for you at the Madrestam harbour, you will be able to embark for Vulkania during the months of Jullier and Frauguctor (July and August), regardless of your character's level.

Once there, you'll be free to enjoy all sorts of different activities. Would you enjoy chatting with friends over a few cocktails? Do you prefer going for walks along the beach and picking up sea shells? Are frenzied hunting parties your sole interest? All of these will be possible on Vulkania, and much much more. About forty new quests will allow you to uncover the mysteries of the archipelago. Books and jokes will present you with the history of the island, and you'll meet characters with very ruddy complexions that have taken up residence. For those who wish to wear the latest fashion trends, three new sets will be available.

From level 1 to level 200, there will be enough to go around for everyone! You weren't planning to loaf around like a lounge lizard all summer, were you?

Brigitte announces the start of vacation season in style!

The return of two fiends

It's all about lizards ... You haven't forgotten the month of November 639, when two colossal brutes left the Dreggon Sanctuary to give you a hard time? Yes, you're remembering Grozilla and Grasmera! After sowing chaos on Kwismas Island, it seems they retreated to the depths of Vulkania. Your hour of revenge has come; you will finally be able to confront these living legends! Two years have passed since their last appearance, and Grozilla and Grasmera have changed: they've put on a little weight and have lost some of the scales on their skulls, but make no mistake, they are just as terrible, especially when challenged in their lair.

If you can beat the two lords of the island, you will become a hero and earn a new emote. And if you defeat them on a regular basis, you might earn a coveted prize: the first Madreggon in the game!

Brigitte, undercover agent extraordinaire, has found the perfect camouflage.

The Madreggon
Curious children and the very perceptive have learned about this new companion. With the Madreggon, you'll have an alternative to the look of your current mount. It will not separate you from your Dragoturkey (which retains its bonuses and its unique style), but rather alters its appearance. If a Dragoturkey with the look of a Dragon has long been your dream, your wishes will soon be reality.

Brigitte was tired of marching around the World of Twelve on foot.
With her new Madreggon, those days are over!

Pack your bags
Other surprises await you on Vulkania. Several community events are being prepared: they will be revealed soon, stay tuned! Some rumors speak of an epic hunt that would win a mysterious trophy... Patience, in a few days, you can judge for yourself!

One thing is certain: this year the summer will be hot as a volcano!

Originally posted by Halden
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