Vulkania; the latest attraction orchestrated by the world-famous Charlie’s Agents Tourist Agency; is a new attraction that will open every summer during the months of July and August. The star of the show is an ancient volcano that has recently become the roost of the malevolent Grozilla and Grasmera, the two dragons that sowed terror throughout the Dreggon Peninsual in 649, and who also destroyed several chunks of Kwismas Island after being driven off the mainland.

This is all well and good, you might say, but what should an eager adventurer-cum-tourist (it’s a Latin expression, look it up) do on this mysterious new archipelago? This article is here to answer all your questions!

How do you get to the Island?

Captain Jane Away is waiting to start you on your voyage at [8,-5], near Madrestam Harbor. She has generously agreed to transport you to Vulkania for the token sum of 10 kamas. Your ocean trip will be swift and sure and before you know it, you’ll be standing on the planks of peaceful Halcyon Harbour at [-48,44], the village home of most of the archipelago’s inhabitents.

Your first Vulkania Quest, “First Contact” will automatically be added to your quest journal when you arrive on the island. Don’t forget to complete it before continuing your exploration.

Quests, quests, quests!

The Archipelago of Vulkania is chock full of quests! Talk to every NPC you meet, visit every corner of the islands, and read up on the history of the places you visit. If you are low level and want to try something besides fighting, don’t let this opportunity pass you by, these quests give a lot of experience!

How do you pay a visit to Grozilla and Grasmera?

The cave of Grozilla and Grasmera is closed by default. Opening the way to the Big Lizards takes place in three distinct stages.

First, each adventurer will have to visit Matt Hematik at [-50,44] to start the quest “Admission Crater.” This quest will ask you to travel across the archipelago in search of 6 pieces of the Totem Erarious. This will give you the right to enter the Pinki Crater.

Once you have completed the “Admission Crater” quest, head to the Pinki Crater at [-51,40]. There, you can speak to the NPC Bonny Tyling. She will give you a chance to participate in a massive Community project: The Soul Safari!

The goal of Soul Safari quest is simple – you need to collect the following resources by hunting certain monsters and return them to Bonny in the following amounts:

  • 2000 Juvenile Hearts
  • 2000 Novice Heart
  • 2000 Mature Heart
  • 2000 Venerable Heart

That looks like a lot, but don’t panic! The entire server is working together to collect these items, and each time anyone turns in a Heart, it is added to the total for everyone. By collaborating with others and fighting together, you can increase the number of hearts dropped per battle and finish the Soul Safari quest faster.

To find these Hearts and the creatures that drop them, you must delve into the four major craters that are scattered across the surface of the main island. Each of these craters is inhabited by different varieties of Sauroshells. Each crater is balanced to be suitable for teams of characters within a certain range of levels. Inside these craters, you will find the rare and precious creatures known as Raw Sauroshells. These are the creatures that drop the resources that the entire server needs – the above-mentioned Hearts!

  • Juvenile Hearts can be found by killing Juvenile Raw Sauroshells in the Jeez Crater (level 1 to 50)
  • Novice Hearts can be found by killing Novice Raw Sauroshells in the Onthea Crater (level 51 to 100)
  • Mature Hearts can be found by killing Mature Raw Sauroshells in the Paleozoi Crater (level 101 to 150)
  • Venerable Hearts can be found by killing Venerable Raw Sauroshells in the Mountsaleia Crater (level 151 to 200)

When a character fights a Raw Sauroshell that is at or above their level range (for example, a level 140 character fighting a Venerable Raw Sauroshell), they will automatically drop 2 Sauroshell Hearts when they win the battle. If their level is greater than the level of the Raw Sauroshell they are fighting (for example, a level 200 character fighting a Novice Raw Sauroshell), they will only recover a single Sauroshell Heart.

During a battle against Raw Sauroshells, all the characters in the fight will automatically receive at least one and at most two Hearts. We strongly recommend that you collaborate in groups of 8 to maximize your drops!

When Bonny has received 2000 of a specific type of Heart, the pool for that type will be locked, and will no longer accept additional Hearts (until it is reset). When all four Heart quotas are completely filled, the four doors around Bonny will open and the third stage begins!

Please note: You can continue to fight Raw Sauroshells and earn Hearts even after the quota for a particular type has been filled and give them to Bonny Tyling after the entire cave has been reset. The first time that the cave is opened is the most difficult, it gets easier with practice!

The four doors in the Pinki Crater lead to four rooms, each accessible by specific level ranges.

Each of these rooms have 16 tiles. You must discover and understand the criteria for each slab in order to place a character on it. When all 64 slabs in all four rooms are simultaneously occupied by characters, the doors in all four rooms will open, and you can move forward towards Grozilla and Grasmera’s den!

Understanding how the puzzle slabs work requires thought and exploration, the NPCs around Vulkania may give you some important clues… but even more importantly, you must work together as a server, communicate, exchange, share with the other members of your community and everyone will benefit. Hundreds of heads are better than one!

Please note: when the Slab Puzzle is solved and the doors of the cave open, Bonny Tyling’s counters will all be reset to zero, but you will not be able to give her new Hearts until a week after the Slab Puzzle doors have opened. The doors of the cave to Grozilla and Grasmera will remain open for one week. At the end of the week, the server must work together again to complete the Heart quotas and the Slab Puzzles to keep the doors to Grozilla and Grasmera open for all!

Past the Slab Puzzle doors, you’ll find a mini-dungeon suitable to your level range. Beyond the mini-dungeon, characters of all levels will be re-united in the den of The Terrible Dragons, Grozilla and Grasmera! Congratulations! You’ve made it through, now you just have to beat them! Good luck!!

How do you get a Madreggon?

When you defeat Grozilla and Grasmera, you can receive 1 to 8 Madreggon Tokens per character in combat. When a character has accumulated 20 tokens and completed the Happy Camper suite of quests, they can visit the NPC Dina Tapio at [-46,44] and trade them for the Madreggon Petsmount. This can be done several times, so theoretically, a single character could earn more than one Madreggon.

The number of tokens that a character drops at the end of a fight depends on the number of characters in the fight:

  • If the fight has 8 characters, they each earn one token.
  • If the fight has 7 characters, they earn two tokens each.
  • If the fight has 6 characters, they earn three tokens each.
  • If the fight has 5 characters, they earn four tokens each.
  • If the fight has four characters, they earn five tokens each.
  • If the fight has three characters, they earn six tokens each.
  • If the fight involves two characters, they win seven tokens each.
  • If the fight has only one character, that character will win 8 tokens.

When a character wins a battle against Grozilla and Grasmera, they must wait 20 hours to fight the Duo again. If they lose, they can try again immediately.

Madreggons can be traded with other characters two months after they have been accquired, but in order to equip the Madreggon, a character must have defeated Grozilla and Grasmera on Vulkania.

Vulkanian Challenges!

In addition to the Goultarminator challenge taking place on Vulkania, there will be two major inter-community competitions that focus on Vulkania itself, apart from the Goultarminator. These challenges will have their own rewards unrelated to the Goultarminator rankings, and will begin as soon as the first successful battle against Grozilla and Grasmera is completed. The challenges will end when Vulkania Island closes down for the summer on September 6th.

Challenge #1: Rise of the Underdog

The purpose of this challenge is to encourage people of lower and mid-range level to try to fight Grozilla and Grasmera, and to reward risk-taking.

The winning team will be the team with the lowest highest level character during a successful fight against Grozilla and Grasmera during the entire two months that Vulkania is open. Didn’t quite understand that requirement? It’s ok, it’s a bit tricky. We’ll give you an example.

Say you have three teams who beat Grozilla and Grasmera during the summer:

  • Team A: 120, 110, 119, 80
  • Team B: 10, 20, 200, 199
  • Team C: 107, 107, 106, 108

The team who wins the challenge is Team C, because their highest leveled character on the team was lower than the highest level character on the other teams.

The server that wins this challenge will be rewarded with a weekend of double drops for the entire server (except for the Arena).

Challenge #2: A Proper Massacre

The purpose of this challenge is to encourage every server to open the path to Grozilla and Grasmera quickly and often. This requires the involvement of the entire server, because the each character can only fight the Terrible Lizards once every 20 hours. It also adds more interest to the fights for characters over level 150 by allowing them to increase their potential profits (by fighting in teams of 4 rather than teams of 8 to increase the overall number of victories for their server, for example).

This challenge will be won by the server that has beaten Grozilla and Grasmera the most times during the two months that Vulkania is open.

The server that wins this challenge will be rewarded with a weekend of double experience for the entire server (except in the Arena).

First Goultarminator Community Event

The first death of Grozilla and Grasmera on each server is particularly important, since (as we alluded to above) it will determine the ranking for the first round of Goultarminator 2011. Be the fastest, organize yourself, and bring points to your server!

Three new sets!

Three new sets have emerged from Vulkania.

The Grozilla set (level 150) and has 4 items made from resources dropped by Grozilla and Venerable Sauroshells. When all four pieces of the set are worn, the character gets the title "Legends Hunter".

The Sauroshell set has 3 pieces and is made from resources found on the Immature and Mature Sauroshells. When all three pieces of the set are worn, the character gets the title "Sauroshells Hunter."

The Vulkain Set has 5 pieces and is made from resources found on the Immature and Juvenile Sauroshells. When all five pieces of the set are worn, the character gets the title "Tourist Hunter."

A new emote!
Slaughter Grozilla and Grasmera and you will automatically unlock the "Super Hero" emote on your character. With this, you will have what you need to pose dramatically for your screenshots, as Brigitte demonstrates here:

What's interesting for low-level characters?

Maybe you're between level 50 and 80, and you want to know why you would bother to collect Raw Sauroshell Hearts? Why, to solve the riddles of the slabs and open the way to the cave of Grozilla and Grasmera! You also have a lot to gain! Remember, by participating in these community events, you help your entire server have a shot at those three chances to win a weekend of double XP, double drops or both.

In addition, even merely hunting Sauroshells will allow you to level up quickly. Since their experience is relatively high (they give twice as much experience as other creatures of the same level!), They are prime targets for all you XP Hunters! Also ... there is a simple way to make them explode, just look carefully….

And then there's the fight against Grozilla and Grasmera, which is not only a battle of brute force! Though the fight is balanced for characters around level 150, it is possible to beat them with much lower levels - this is the whole idea of Challenge #1! As always, it is also possible for high level characters to invite lower levels to join the fight. Invest, show that you want to participate, get involved in your community, and there will surely be experienced players willing to help you in return!

Thanks to Sylfaen for the article, and to our volunteer translators and editors who helped us get this to you as quickly as possible!

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