The introductions done, we turn now to something that’s a little harder to explain - how do you obtain Ogrines, and how do they relate to subscriptions?

We’ll also be talking about one of the essential features of the new system: the conversion of Ogrines to subscription time

What’s the difference between Ogrines and subscription?

They're practically the same thing! It’s as if we compared steam to ice, which are two states of one thing: water. Ogrines are simply subscription time in the form of ‘points’. To continue with the metaphor, imagine that subscription time is a river that flows forever, and that Ogrines are the ice that freezes in the winter.

All Ankama games or sites with subscriptions will have a fixed Ogrine/1-day subscription exchange rate. With DOFUS, for example, 100 Ogrines = 1 day of subscription.


How are Ogrines obtained?

This was one of the questions that generated the most speculation among you, so here’s the complete list of the currently available methods of obtaining Ogrines:

  • Offered as a gift
  • Through MKP
  • Buying them
  • From a subscription

Ogrines as a gift

Let’s begin with the rarest case: Ogrines given out directly and occasionally, in DOFUS promotional events. I have no examples to give you yet, but one thing is certain, you’ll either get a code (on a card or an email) or the Ogrines will be directly credited to your account.
However, there will be NO ingame/direct dropping of Ogrines. This would create endless problems. Like Kama farming, but much worse.

Through MKP

[A 100% MKP post will arrive soon, and all old posts will be updated. Thank you for your patience]

Buying Ogrines

As I explained above, Ogrines are like subscription time, but in the form of "points". So obviously most people, most of the time will buy them on Ankama websites, just like DOFUS subscriptions at the moment.

You’ll get exactly the same gifts whether you purchasing subscription time or Ogrines, it’s just that instead of a subscription period, you’ll have points you can redeem against subscription time and/or other services, over a long period.

To give you an idea of the value of Ogrines - 100 Ogrines = 1-day DOFUS subscription – 30 days’ subscription (eg with Visa) = 3,000 Ogrines.

Better than buying a subscription?

The purchase price of the Ogrines is almost always equivalent to the subscription cost: the advantage of Ogrines is elsewhere.

They remain valid longer. This means that you have more time to enjoy them. When you buy a 1-month subscription the service ends in 30 days. With 3,000 Ogrines, the validity period will be 4 months (and 5 months counting the "converted" subscription, see below).

The period of validity is relative to the amount of subscriptions acquired. The more you purchase, the longer they are usable, within a maximum period of 15 months.


More deals and more ways to pay

Another advantage of the Ogrines is that we can offer you a greater variety of offers with a larger choice of payment methods. And we can give all our players around the world the cheapest rates possible, according to the types of payment available.


We’ll post an article about purchasing Ogrines soon.

From subscription time to Ogrines

You will be able to credit subscription time to your account using your Ogrines. But what do you do when you run out of Ogrines?

It's very simple: we have created a system that allows you to convert the subscription time to Ogrines automatically (if you have enough time left, of course).

For example: you have 100 Ogrines and a 180-day subscription to DOFUS. But you want to use a service which costs 1400 Ogrines.

Well, without having to buy any Ogrines whatsoever, you can go to the confirmation page of the service you wish to use, and convert 2 weeks of subscription time into 1400 Ogrines. You’ll then have access to the service and will lose 2 weeks of subscription time, leaving you with 166 days of play and 100 Ogrines.

Note that if the amount converted is greater than the cost of the service, the difference will be credited to your Ogrine account.


Conversion and transfer of subscription and Ogrines

Conversion and transfer, including automatic conversion explained, above are basically very similar in funtion. Everything will be at the managed from your account and all conversion and transfer services are completely free.


Converting Ogrines to a subscription

You’ll be able to use the "Ogrine converter” through your account at any time.

Its very easy to use - you choose a quantity of Ogrines on the website you are currently viewing and it tells you how much subscription time in days you can get for that amount. You validate and the Ogrines disappear from your account while the corresponding amount of subscription time is added immediately.

The amount of subscription time received is calculated based on the specific game’s conversion rate. DOFUS is our "base rate" and 1-day subscription for this game will be pegged at 100 Ogrines.


Transfer subscription

As it was not possible to allow for the conversion of subscription time to Ogrines for technical and security reasons, we had to develop some other options. The transfer of subscription time is such an option. This facility will allow players to draw from any current subscription and transfer it onto any other Ankama game.

Just one thing!

You must have at least 7 days of subscription time on your account to carry out transfers and conversions, and these operations must be done in 1-day blocs. For Dofus this means from 700 Ogrines up, then 100 by 100.


Next week

After a lot of hesitation and some fairly explosive news (2.0 DOFUS… December 2!), We decided to fix the date of publication of blog posts to at least once a week. Depending on your feedback, a response post may also be posted during the week.

The subject of our next post will be:


  • Safety and certified Ogrines


In the meantime, feel free to have your say on the forums, or read the previous article from the Blog:

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