What can you do to avoid scams when you use Ogrines? The establishment of this new system raises many security issues, so today Lotomai will take you through the various precautions you can take, especially the use of certified Ogrines, to secure your player accounts.

You can never be too careful about fraud...

Problems of fraud

MMOs as a rule fall victim to a great variety and degree of attempted fraud both on the part of their players and more organised operations. In introducing Ogrine to our games and sites we realise that a particular effort will be required for two main reasons:

  • Some children may use their parents’ method of payment without their consent.
  • Pirates/farmers/small time fraudsters may seek to exploit the Ogrine system to advance their fraudulent business.

In the first instance, we can only do as we always have done, and inform people as much as possible, applying significant sanctions where appropriate. But with 25 million players, it can still happen, even if it’s extremely rare – in any case, we must not encourage it.

In either case, it is very important to restrict the operation of such a system, and to prevent "Ogrine laundering" as much as possible.

As is the case for Kamas, selling Ogrines for real-world money is prohibited, and will be very difficult! In addition, a high level of monitoring will be maintained to detect any fraudulent activity and to ban accounts that buy and sell Ogrines ‘on sight’.


Ogrines’ restrictions

When you purchase Ogrines on our sites, they will be grouped in "bundles" in the Ogrine section on your account management page.

Depending on the means of payment used to purchase a particular bundle of Ogrines, we will apply a precautionary time limitation on its use (in days) during which the Ogrines may only be used with your account (just like objects are linked to your account in DOFUS).

For example (this information may change when the system is implemented, or at any time):

  • Credit Card > Ogrine linked to your account for 90 days. 
  • Audiotel > Ogrine certified immediately, but beyond a certain number of codes, will be linked to your account for 90 days.

What can Ogrines be used for before they’ve been certified?

You can use Ogrines for your subscriptions and for services directly relating to your account right away.

But all use that may lead to Ogrines being exchanged (direct or indirect) with other players will be forbidden.

Certification of Ogrines

As soon as the period during which the Ogrine is linked exclusively to your account has expired, it becomes "certified".

Certified Ogrines are used exactly as ‘ordinary’ Ogrines, but they permit access to more services and to MKP. The use of MKP requires certified Ogrines.

Note that Ogrines and certified Ogrines have EXACTLY the same value in exchanges for subscription time and services.


What advantages do Ogrines have?

All trade carried out with Certified Ogrines ensures that it will be 100% valid, with no possibility of going back on the agreement. This is particularly important when services can have a negative influence on games.


How can Ogrines be certified more quickly?


There are 4 ways to certify Ogrines:

  • Waiting until the end of the precautionary period
  • Using a payment method that offers direct access (prepaid card, IVR, etc.).
  • For those who are users already, through building up trust.
  • Manually, using a secret code which is only visible on your bank statement and which is used to free your Ogrine bundle on your account management page.


A system to allow re-certification of Ogrines from MKP will be Beta tested, although this will incur a very high charge. But as you might have guessed… [we'll talk soon in a post dedicated to MKP.]


Validate your trades

Finally, one last important concept: securing your Ogrine conversions.

Security, especially involving the lending of accounts (which is prohibited), is a real problem, as malicious players may empty your account of Ogrines, or use your accounts for other undesirable activities.

To prevent this, we have decided to use a mailing system. Whenever you want to exchange Ogrines, you will receive an email containing a PIN code. Simply enter it when asked and the transaction will be validated.

Other security systems will be made available in time.

Next week

As announced at the top of this post, this is the last time we’ll be talking about the general concepts behind the Ogrine project. Starting next week, we’ll begin tackling some of the services available, and we’ll also answer all your comments on this subject in the open forum. You still have another week to add yours!

Next week:

  • Dofus services available with Ogrines

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