Firstly, my apologies for the delay in publishing this post – I would have done so earlier if it hadn’t been for a few complications with the release of the DOFUS 2.0 collector box, and some other unusual IRL events!

This week we'll finally tell you all about the services available, which is one of the main points of interest in the Ogrine story.

For the release of DOFUS 2.0, there will be 4 services, and we will continue adding features based on your suggestions/expectations, and what we can or want to allow players do.

 What is meant by a ‘service’?

This question is asked very often in all DOFUS communities. We have used the term since the beginning without giving you a precise definition because we felt it was self-explanatory.

For us, the concept of a service mainly concerns the various operations players carry out in their daily use of accounts and characters. Most services allow you to rectify errors you may have made, or reconsider decisions that you may have taken a bit lightly.

The use of any particular service will generally not be required to simply play the game - they are only there to colour the playing experience. They should not introduce any imbalance or significant advantage for those who can afford them as compared to those who cannot.


From a community point of view

We asked an open question on the Ogrine forum to encourage players to tell us what "services" they really expect.

Up to now we have found that for you, services often go beyond the manipulation of accounts or ease of play, and often mean ways to affect the in-game environment (objects, fringe benefits, guild options, increased visibility, etc…)

This is not really compatible with our notion of services, but it's still very interesting to see what your views are, and perhaps to think about developing other ways to add them in game without necessarily making services of them.

But please don’t hesitate to continue discussing these issues on the Ogrine forum, especially now that you’ll be reading about the first 4 services.


Services available upon release of Ogrines

Note, the amount of Ogrine required to use the various services is indicative, and is subject to change.

Adding a character slot

For 6, 000 Ogrines, the most sleepless among you can add an extra character slot (when you have filled all available slots) to an account, to a maximum of 7 additional slots.

This service is valid for life. It is activated on your account directly.

Changing your character name

For 2, 800 Ogrines, the most poorly named among you can change the name of one of your characters, provided that the new name is available.

You can only change a particular name once every 15 days.

The service will work through the in-game gift system.

Changing Colours

For 700 Ogrine, the most fashionable among you can change the basic colour of an existing character.

Since you are all so excited about the service and we all love colour so much, we have ensured that the service is readily accessible to many, if not all players. We decided it was best to limit the service to 1 change per character per day.

Note: when DOFUS 2.0 arrives, you’ll all get a colour change anyway!

The service will work through the in-game gift system.

Changing your character’s gender

For 2, 800 Ogrine, the most adventurous among you can indulge in this controversial practice. However, spectacular as it is, you still won’t be able to change class for the moment.

A person can change sex once every 7 days, which should leave just enough time to let the body recover from the stress of the operation.

The service will work through the in-game gift system.

And what else?

With the release of DOFUS 2.0, we have focused on the most viable services which could be accessed with Ogrine.

New services will be added regularly and may even be directly inspired by some of your proposals.

For now we still have 3 services on the cards for DOFUS. Wakfu services are yet to be defined, but the game will have at least those available in DOFUS.


How do I make use of these Dofus services?

DOFUS has a special page reserved for services. You can then activate them in exchange for Ogrines (or part of an Ogrine subscription converted for the transaction).

Apart from the additional character slot, the services will operate through the gift system.


Next week

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