Many of you think that I deliberately kept the article on MKP until the last moment - well you’re dead right! I wanted you to have all the details before explaining the most important point.

You’ve been waiting a long time, but so have we! All the originality of the Ogrine system will be revealed in this last post. And there's nothing more exciting for the creators than to disclose their ideas and to see what you think!

The origin of the system

Some problems

Before we even started considering the introduction of Ogrines, we had two problems to solve in game:

Farming and the fact that some players do not want to/cannot invest as much in the game as others, which is two sides of the same coin. Many want to move more quickly because they have less time and their friends quickly pass them out in terms of level. Buying Kamas and items from farmers enables them to compensate for their lack of participation, but these companies are totally illegal, and the problems they pose are incredibly troublesome (server/map overload due to bots, hacking of buyers’ accounts , etc..).

Making all lottery items that have been created to date available for all communities. They are often only available to French players, who receive them at events or using special offers. This automatically excludes all foreign communities. When a new server is launched, these communities have virtually no chance of finding these items in game.


Finding solutions

For the problem of farming, the cat and mouse method is not very effective - even with very regular cleanups, they’ll come back as long as there is "money to be had." Tackling this problem head-on is an unwinnable war. With the market places, we really want to fight the cause and not the effect of this problem by offering beneficial solutions to players who wish to buy Kamas directly.

For lottery items, most MMO companies would already have set up an item mall, but this doesn’t really correspond to Ankama’s policy. Although it definitely would have been very successful, we must find a fairer solution that does not run contrary to the principle that, once you’ve paid for your subscription, you should have access to the whole of the game. Finally, it is crucial that the game design and gameplay are totally independent of commercial and marketing considerations.


We believe that the Ogrine is the most beneficial solution for players who:

  • Don’t have enough time to progress as quick as they’d like
  • Who like little "commercial" bonuses
  • Who want an "all inclusive" package
  • Who don’t have much money IRL

And all this without really disrupting the current in-game economics!


Definition: Market Place

Basic Principle

  • A "Market Place" (or MPK) is where players exchange Ogrine for objects or other items with other players.
  • The prices are freely determined by the players (the concept of the "market"). 
  • No taxes or fees will be charged on your Ogrine transactions. 
  • All exchanges are completely anonymous.
  • Certain types of market places will be limited by server, community, or region (e.g. Europe, America, etc..)
  • The Market Place will be either be in game or on the game websites and soon, both at the same time.


We’ll take the example of a Kamas Exchange-type marketplace (see below for different types of MPK), which allows players to exchange Kamas for Ogrine on the same server, and only from one player to another as in the existing DOFUS marketplace.


Marketplace Graph

Step by step description:

  • Step 1: Player B needs Ogrine for a subscription; he decides to spend 112,000 Kamas. He posts an offer on the Kama Exchange server - "112,000 Kamas for 2,730 Ogrines.” The Kamas are removed from his bank and placed in the Kama Exchange (also called KE). 
  • Step 2: Player A is out with his friends tonight, but wants to buy a new cape for 90,000 Kamas to increase his damage and also get some bread for 3,000 Kamas. He knows he won’t have enough time to earn the Kamas, so he goes to the Kama Exchange and discovers Player B’s offer which seems reasonable. 
  • Step 3: Player A has a lot of certified Ogrines (he bought a pack of 48,000 Ogrines 3 months ago) uses for its personal subscription, but also from time to time on the market place. Since he doesn’t have much time to play, he spends a little extra to compensate.
    When he accepts of player B’s offer, 2,730 certified Ogrines are withdrawn from his account and sent to the Kama Exchange. 
  • Step 4: The Kama Exchange checks to see if he’s the first to accept the offer. The offer is then removed from the Kama Exchange. 
  • Step 5: Player B receives a message from the Kama Exchange which confirms that the offer has been accepted. The Kama Exchange credits his Ankama account with 2,730 Ogrines (30 days DOFUS subscription).
    • He still has 90 days to use them as he wishes (subscription services, re-certification).
  • Step 6: Player A receives a message from the Kama Exchange, which confirms that the exchange has been completed. It also indicates that 112,000 Kamas were credited to his bank on the same server as player B.

BONUS: And perhaps the very same day, when player A, pockets full of "fresh Kamas”, goes to the auction house to buy his cape and his bread, it’s with player B that he’ll do business ;-)


Details on the limitation on linked Ogrine > Ogrine

To use your Ogrines in a Market Place, they must be certified. But the person who purchases them will receive normal Ogrines, so it is impossible to reuse them immediately on Market Place.


This is a powerful mechanism against inflation caused by speculation. And speculation of Ogrines is something we do not want, because the goal of MPK is not that you get rich quick, but primarily to distribute wealth among all players, and above all to let some players play without ever paying for subscription time.

If we allow the free movement Ogrines, speculating players would essentially be like the Kama farmers we have now, with far worse consequences. In the case of unlimited speculation, there would be a staggering increase in all prices and eventually, major "crises" (e.g. finding speculators who try to resell Ogrines for € ). And the "honest player" is often the one who pays the piper in cases like these.

So that’s about it. We hope that the game remains "friendly" and "fair", that is to say that the sale value of items doesn’t exceed their real value.

And “re-certification”?
As explained in the post on the Ogrines and Certified Ogrines, we will offer an Ogrine "re-certification" option in a future Beta. In reality the service is a tax to limit speculation by removing any possibility of increasing earnings beyond two transactions (buy and sell, OK, but only once).
We'll start at 25% tax. When re-certifying 100 Ogrines, you will receive 75 certified Ogrines. But it is likely that this will not be enough. Either we will increase the rates (50-60%), or we will discard that option.


What are the advantages?

Although this system may seem to be a commercial venture, it offers s huge number of benefits, such as:

  • "Robin Hood" marketplaces by allowing transactions between the players, we will spread the "wealth" of the few among the many. Ankama Games is the only company to offer an alternative to paid subscription, based on exchanges between the players. 
  • Combat farming and illegal trade: by proposing a legal and totally secure alternative, 100% in favour of the players - there will no longer be any point in buying audio codes etc from unscrupulous Kama farmers. 
  • Identical gameplay, and independent game design: the integration of marketplaces requires no real modification to the game's foreseen evolution and these areas will be completely independent. It is simply to legalize and integrate as best we can the practices which already exist. 
  • Ankama does not sell anything on the market places, everything is run by players, which preserves the economic ecosystem of a server without creating artificial inflation. And whether the server is young or old, markets will adapt very quickly depending on supply and demand from players. 
  • Galvanise server economies: If a player buy Kamas in exchange for Ogrines, they will most likely wish to spend their Kamas buying items on the server. This will increase the volume of trade and lead to a much more fluid in game economy, to the benefit of all players. 
  • Subscribe for free: instead of filling the pockets of farmers, players benefit from the sale of Kamas and can even play in subscriber mode for free! 
  • Linking two game styles (casual and hardcore): allowing for the safe exchange of "play time" (Ogrines) for "time played" (Kamas).


And the disadvantages?

We want to be completely honest with you, the system of market places cannot possibly be 100% beneficial. Every system still has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Modification of economic equilibrium: increasing the transfer of Kamas from one player to another, the current economic equilibrium will necessarily be impacted, players will have to adapt to a new "denser" economy.
  • "New money" phenomenon: since buying large amounts of Ogrine will allow some players to accumulate Kamas effortlessly, it is obvious that some could progress much faster than others. However, when the "new rich" uses its Ogrine in the game economy, it’ll be for the benefit of all other players, and when they spend their Kamas, it’ll benefit the server in general.
  • Increased spending for some players: if Ogrines are going to be free for some players, it follows that other players will have to pay, according to the principle of distribution. Inevitably, some players will end up having higher monthly expenses than they do now, but this is by no means "mandatory" and for those that used to buy from the farmers, the only thing that will change is the increased security!

But even with all Ogrine, and Kamas in the world, you still won’t be able to buy items if other players don’t have them.


What type of Marketplace?

As explained above, ‘Market Place’ is a generic term. In reality there will be many different market places, like the current marketplaces but restricted to certain types of resources.


Kama-exchange type marketplace

This type of marketplace will be directly integrated into the server. The Exchange allows Kama to Ogrine (certified) exchange in both directions. To do this, you simply have to post an offer in a marketplace and wait for another player to take you up.

When a server has a Kama Exchange, it switches to the OpenKamas category in the server list. Conventional servers without Kama Exchanges will continue to exist.


"Card Exchange" type marketplace

This is one of the other major innovations related to the marketplaces. All cards offered to date lottery will be transformed into collectible cards (with an average of 3 months of exclusivity for all new cards that are created). They have 2 statuses, exchangeable or linked to your collection.

When a card is exchanged, it will be possible to place it on the "Card Exchange" and receive Ogrines from other players. This Card Exchange will be on the web only, on sites divided into zones (e.g. Europe, North America etc).

A card is linked to your collection whenever a redeemable card is activated to unlock its gift. From then on you won’t be able to exchange it and the gifts you receive will work as they do now – that is, they will be linked to your account for some time before being eligible for sale in marketplaces.

There will be 2 ways to get these collectible cards:

  • Like now, as an IRL gift, with at least 3 months of exclusivity.
  • As random drop in game. All players will be able to drop collectible cards. They will be very rare, some more than others, but in principle, everyone will have a chance to obtain them free. It’s up to you to decide if you want to trade them in for Ogrines, or activate them to receive an in game gift to add to your personal collection.

The card system will be feature in all Ankama games, meaning you could even drop a "Wakfu" card while playing DOFUS! It We may also use this system to distribute fun items, or even new services that we do not offer for free.

But I will give you more detailed info shortly after the release of Ogrines.


When and how will it be implemented?

As you can imagine, these functionalities are very complex to implement, therefore all this will happen after DOFUS 2.0 - in the first half of 2010 all going well.

Which servers will include Kama Exchanges? We are currently debating this very question at Ankama. A ticket will provide all the necessary information on the servers selected, but we are considering leaving it up to a "player referendum” so as to give you the last word on the matter .

Which server will have Card Exchanges? There won’t be any Card Exchanges on servers, so this new system won’t change anything. Everything will stay the same as with the current lottery cards, it’s just that everyone will be able to drop them in game.


The next stop

Now that we’ve gone over many of the most important aspects of the Ogrines system, this blog will take a much freer approach to informing the players.

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