A few months ago, I announced the Ogrines project to you on this blog, and unfortunately, after several weeks of discussions, I had to leave to work full time on the project.

The time has now come to bring you up to speed.

Was the project abandoned?

No, not at all, but after analysing your feedback, we reviewed certain things. That coupled with the release of DOFUS 2.0 meant we had to push back our initial deadlines.

Today, after hundreds of hours of design, creation, development, and testing, Ogrines are closer than ever to their official launch (we cannot give any release date until everything is 100% certain on our side).

What’s changed since the end of 2009?

Lots have things have changed a little bit, but we think it would be clearer if we just spoke about the things that are visible to players.

1.       “Certified” Ogrines have gone

Certified Ogrines are no more! We have decided to simplify this concept, and above all, avoid the difficulties involved with certification.

  • When you buy Ogrines, they will be immediately available to use for subscription, services, or the Kama Exchange. However, certain “high-risk” accounts and transactions will have to wait for support to validate the payment. During this time, the Ogrines will be locked to the player’s account and can only be used for subscription and for services that do not involve other players.
  • Ogrines will only be locked for a certain number of days (like subscription gifts for example), which will vary depending on your method of payment.
  • Ogrines bought on the Kama Exchange with Kamas are forever locked to the receiving account. They can’t be used on the Exchange, but can be used for subscription or to activate services.
  • The possibility of “re-certification” has been totally ruled-out for the time being.

2.       The Kama Exchange and the Ogrine Exchange

While making the models for the Kama Exchange interfaces, (see the screenshots below), we wanted to simplify the system by creating two specific portals:

  • The Kama Exchange, for buying and selling Kamas (in exchange for your Ogrines)
  • The Ogrine Exchange, for buying and selling Ogrines (in exchange for your Kamas)

3.       New prices

Ogrines will be sold at “round” prices: 10€, 20€, 40€ and 60€, or of course, 1 audio code (for 700 Ogrines).
Whether you use Ogrines or classic subscription, the price will remain the same. For example, a 1-month DOFUS subscription is €5, and for €10 you’ll have 6,000 Ogrines, which is 2 months of subscription. Proportionally the subscription price remains €5 for 1 month, whether you use Ogrines or subscribe in the classic manner.

4.       Gift Points

This is THE new thing that will arrive alongside Ogrines! While you’re waiting for the next post, which will be devoted to Gift Points, we can tell you that with each Ogrine purchase, you’ll gain Gift Points, and you’ll be able to accumulate them and exchange them for gifts.

5.       Kards

This is the new name for Collectible Cards/Lottery Cards. We wanted a shorter name that avoided confusion with Wakfu TCG.

What about the Ogrines that came with the DOFUS 2.0 Collector’s Box?

Don’t worry; they’re still on your account. As soon as Ogrines launch, you’ll be able to use them to activate services for your characters on the DOFUS 2.0 servers.

So Ogrines really are coming, then?

Yes, and to prove it, here are a few screenshots we’re finalising internally:

The next post

In the next post we’ll talk about Gift Points in more detail.

A dedicated topic is also open on the DOFUS forum.

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