Starting tomorrow, there will be a new service directly in the game for you to report rule violations to the moderation team. Keep reading this devblog to learn more!

It's a recurring, sensitive topic that we periodically address in an Ankama Live stream or one of our many forum posts: in-game moderation. Previously, in DOFUS Retro, if you wanted to contact a moderator to report inappropriate behavior, you could either go through Ankabox or use the Discord bot we set up a few years back.
We weren't satisfied with either system; the first one wasn't originally intended for this purpose, and the other one wasn't integrated in-game.

Now, let's get right to it and introduce the new reporting system! It's easily accessible in-game – you simply interact with the person you want to report, and a button with "Report player" on it will appear in all pop-up menus related to a player, allowing you to open the interface used to create a report (click on the images to enlarge them).

WIP: This is a test version; it does not represent the final result.

Here are the guiding principles of this brand-new system for combatting harmful behaviors in the game:

  • Accessibility: A traditional interface appears on the player's screen so they can make a report, as opposed to the Discord bot that had to be used in a "command line", which could be confusing and error-prone compared to a more graphical system.
  • Speed: Usability was considered so that a report can be submitted within a few seconds. Once a category is selected, the report confirmation button is no longer grayed out, and you can then submit a report. Additional actions to supplement your report (by checking boxes and/or adding your own text) are completely optional. 
  • Preserve immersion in the game: Making a report is quick and doesn't involve any daunting tasks that disrupt a game session (like having to create your own screenshots, in the right format and with the right info, and then attach them via Discord or Ankabox). 
Once your report has been sent to moderators, they'll receive it in a special interface, which allows them to process reports when they get a chance. You won't be notified that your report has been processed; however, rest assured that the moderation team will review each claim and thanks you for helping to improve the game experience. 

It's worth noting that you'll only be able to submit reports that the moderators can process. That means that reports of multi-accounting on a single-account server will still need to go through Support.

With the rollout of this new tool, the Discord bot is no longer necessary and will be deactivated. Likewise, DOFUS Retro moderators will no longer handle reports made via Ankabox; however, you may still contact them that way if you have any questions related to moderation.

We hope this new feature will meet your needs, and we look forward to getting feedback from you. Before we go, here are a few archives we dug up about research conducted in 2007 on an in-game reporting center, which informed the development of this project.
A remnant found in the server code of a reporting center launched in 2007…
Prototype of this reporting interface established in 2007.
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