The Temple Dopple system has only had one major change - in April 2009, when 1.27 was released. Ignoring the addition of the Rogue and Masqueraider classes, it’s functionally the same now as it was three years ago, whereas other aspects of the game have developed and expanded.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to bring it up to date and implement several changes. Although the general idea won’t change much, here is a list of improvements that we hope will be of interest to players regardless of the level of their characters.


"Why is the big cuddly plush toy so mean?"

Top of the Dopps?

The Temple Dopples are very popular with low-level characters, but their popularity decreases as character level (and power) increases. The XP from the fights, and the rewards from the quests (both in kamas and in XP), are increasingly unattractive when compared to other methods of levelling. The cost in Doploons of characteristic scrolls is still too high to compete with breeding or exchanging resources for scrolls. Other items, like the Bunch of Keys or the special class spell, only require one fight each. For high level characters, Dopples are fought primarily as a way to unlearn spells, which isn’t something that happens very often in the life of the average adventurer. On top of all this, there’s the 23 hour wait to re-fight a Dopple, which is a constraint that affects all characters, regardless of their level.


The high level Temple Dopples are in complete disarray!


How do I kill an un-killable Dopple?

At the time of writing, if a character is unable to defeat a particular Temple Dopple, they will not be able to access those services that require one or more Doploons from each temple.  As a result, they end up costing more, or take longer to acquire. 


We’ve come up with a simple solution to remedy this situation.  Instead of there being specific class Doploons , characters will now receive a generic Doploon that’s the same in all temples. People with stocks of class Doploons will be able to exchange them for new, generic Doploons through their respective Dopple Trainers. For example, a player with a stock of Xelor Doploons will be able to exchange them for the new Doploons in the Temple of Xelor.


The Ecaflip Dopple is determined to win this fight.


One Doploon, two Doploons, three Doploons, four…

The amount of Doploons awarded for defeating a Temple Dopple will now increase according to the level of the Temple Dopple. In practice, this means that a level 200 character will receive more Doploons than a level 100 character, just like a level 100 character will receive more Doploons than a level 40 character.


So why have we done this?

As a character’s power increases, the more Kamas, resources and experience they’re able to generate. By varying the number of Doploons received for defeating a Temple Dopple, the system is in line with the character’s progression, making it a worthwhile and valid method of levelling.

It will also soften the blow when the “resources for characteristic scrolls” system is removed, offering a more enjoyable method of obtaining scrolls. We feel that the current method of generating characteristic scrolls through exchanging resources is too onerous and repetitive, and benefits bots more than anyone else. We plan to remove this method (not in the update this article is talking about, but most likely the update after it – so sell your stocks now!) and replace it with a more effective method using Doploons. We don’t want to make it difficult to obtain scrolls, we just want to make obtaining them more enjoyable, and for players to benefit rather than bots.


It’s time to clear out your inventory!


Quests and rewards

The first change to the quests will be to adapt them to the daily system. Players will no longer need to remember when they last fought a Temple Dopple as all daily quest counters are reset at 7am (Dofus in-game time). The old system was particularly restrictive and this change will make it much more flexible.

Keeping with the logic of the generic Doploons, Gifdoploons will no longer be awarded for completing the quest “A bigger baker’s dozen”. Instead, this quest will award as many Doploons as there are individual Temple Dopple quests, which will allow characters who are able to defeat all of the Temple Dopples to double the number of Doploons they receive overall.

Characters with Gifdoploons in their inventory will be able to exchange them with the Dopple Trainers for the new, generic Doploons, and at a better rate than if they were exchanging the old class Doploons.

The XP awarded for defeating a Temple Dopple will be reduced slightly, but this will be accompanied by a marked improvement in the amount of XP and Kamas awarded for completing the “Hunt for the Dopple” quest, in line with the overhaul of the quest reward system.

Reward in Doploons for the “Hunt for the Dopple” quest

quest rewards
quest rewards
quest rewards
combat rewards
20 1 50 2450 1400
40 2 200 8100 3600
60 3 450 18150 6600
80 5 800 33800 10400
100 6 1250 56250 15000
120 8 1800 86700 20400
140 10 2450 126350 26600
160 12 3200 176400 33600
180 14 4050 238050 41400
200 17 5000 312500 50000


The Temple Boutique - your one-stop shop for all things Dopp!

A new boutique will make it easier to access the products and services linked to the Temple Dopple system, and will sell everything that was previously sold by the Dopple Trainers.


The cost of several items has been adjusted in line with market prices. However, although the number of Doploons awarded has increased, the cost of items and services is now cheaper than it used to be. Although it will cost more (in Doploons) to reset a spell as a character’s level increases, the effort required stays exactly the same, because the price still corresponds to the rewards from seven successful Temple Dopple fights.


The Temple Merchant NPC, who looks after the boutique, will be available in all of the temples. Three new pebbles have been added to the list of items available from the boutiques, and these will be used in the recipes of new sets. In addition, each special class spell will now be available from any of the temples.

The Doppler Effect

We want these changes to make the Temple Dopple system just as rewarding as content like the Kolisseum or dungeons. It has the advantage of being accessible to single-accounters, as well as having no waiting time. Above all, it reduces the inequity between multi-accounters and single accounters as they should both receive similar rewards over the same period of time.


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