For the 2.7 update, we plan to change how spell point and characteristic scrolls are obtained.
Characteristic Scrolls:
As per what was announced upon the 2.6 update, it will no longer be possible to obtain characteristic scrolls by exchanging resources (or artifacts) with NPCs in the 2.7 update.
Characteristics scrolls will only be obtainable through the exchange of mount certificates or Doploons.
This decision was made in order to fight against the abnormal generation of scrolls through the use of bots and to refocus the creation of characteristics scrolls towards more recreational activities in game.

Spell Point Scrolls:
For the 2.7 update, we've also decided to withdraw the exchange of diamonds for spell point scrolls (for the same reasons that led us to modify the exchanges for characteristic scrolls).
As areplacement, we've added the option of exchanging spell point scrolls for Kolossokens by interacting with the NPC Glad Yator (at a rate of 1000 Kolossokens per spell point scroll), located inside the Kolossium.

Price Evolution
These changes could have a significant impact on prices and availability of spell point and characteristic scrolls. Our goal is not to make these scrolls scarce or impossible to obtain. We will be watching their prices and their availability over the upcoming updates and we will make changes to the methods and amounts of scrolls that you can obtain in game if we deem it necessary.

So remember to exchange your resources for scrolls before the release of version 2.7.0.. you only have a few weeks left!