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Hello everyone,

The 2.7 patch will mark the Foggernauts’ arrival in-game, and we’ve decided to give Sufokia a fresh lick of paint for the occasion.
2.7 Update – Level Design
Hello everyone,
The 2.7 patch will mark the Foggernauts’ arrival in-game, and we’ve decided to give Sufokia a fresh lick of paint for the occasion.
The previous version featured teleportation points within maps, which made moving around the city needlessly complicated. This system was put in place because, at the time, we didn’t have the technical means to do otherwise.
Our tools and our motor are more advanced now, allowing us to create maps all in one piece. That means that you’ll be able to walk about Sufokia without having to click on interactive doorways.

While we were at it, we also built a Zaap in Sufokia itself, as well as a Zaapi system to help you get where you need to go more quickly. This way, the city will keep its maze-like concept without being too difficult to explore.

There will also be some new buildings to visit, including a library, a grocer’s shop, a handymen’s workshop and, of course, the Foggernaut temple.
As a result of this revamp, we have had to spread the houses out across the city. In the previous version, there were some maps with six or seven houses, and others with no houses at all.
We have also redone the houses’ interiors to make them more suited to role-playing.

As the city of Sufokia is linked to Amakna at two points, we have also had to rework these areas. Initially, we only planned to change the coastlines, but in the end the whole of Amakna was modified in order to keep everything consistent.

The buildings’ appearances have changed; we’ve made them bigger so that the game experience would be more immersive, and players’ houses have also been given a more role-play-oriented feel, just like those in Sufokia.

The area’s mines and a few NPC buildings have also been redesigned.

We’ve been working on redoing the insides of houses for a few months now. You’ve already seen the changes made in Astrub and the Koalak Mountain, and now Amaknian and Sufokian houses are following suit.
As part of the same process, we have redesigned the houses around Amakna Castle, as well as the Militia building and the castle itself.

Eventually, all the game’s houses will benefit from this revamp. Some of them are almost ready and will be integrated with the next patch.
A few dungeons have also been given new looks:
-          The Tofu House

-          The Scaraleaf Dungeon

-          The Larva Dungeon

-          The Jellith Dimension

Finally, the moderators have been given a brand new jail map where they can lock up bad players. That means it’s high time to leave the dark side of the force behind!

I hope you’ll enjoy these improvements, and I look forward to speaking to you all again this summer about the next patch!
Category: Game design