After its debut last year, Vulkania is becoming DOFUS’s annual summer event, along with the Goultarminator.
Unlike Kwismas Island, where the content is clearly aimed at solo players and groups, we wanted to orientate Vulkania around a community aspect. We aim to steer Vulkania in this direction for the coming years, all the while keeping it accessible to less-populated servers.
For the second appearance of this event, we wanted to make several changes with the aim of making adventurers’ visits to the archipelago all the more pleasant.
Getting to Grozilla and Grasmera
First big change: making it easier to open Grozilla and Grasmera’s Den.
Bonny Tyling may now ask for twice as many Sauroshell Hearts, but Raw Sauroshells are a lot more common and reappear far more quickly. Note that the adventurers who hunt in the crater suited to their level will obtain twice as many Sauroshell Hearts. Yes – players can now explore any crater, no matter their level, meaning that high-level adventurers can help out lower-level adventurers. We wanted to keep this change, which was put in place last year after the opening of Vulkania, for two reasons: it encourages the players to help one another, irrelevant of their level, and it also means that adventurers won’t get stuck if there are too few low-level characters around.
Once you’ve managed to get to the Chthonian Slabs, you’ll now only need 36 people in order to solve the enigma (as opposed to 64 last year). As you can imagine, the lower-populated servers had a lot of trouble getting enough people together. This year, we’ve decided to give these servers a little boost, which will actually prove useful to all of the servers.
The servers that manage to solve the Chthonian Slabs enigma will unblock the pathway that leads to Grozilla and Grasmera’s Den for the rest of the season. We’re aware that, again, last year the constraints imposed by the weekly opening system didn’t live up to the expectations of the DOFUS population. Now, players will only need to club together once to be able to let all of the server’s adventurers measure up against the Lords of the Island.

Rewards for low-level characters
Last year, we received feedback from players with low-level characters who pointed out (and rightly so) that there wasn’t enough content suited to their skills. They also expressed their disappointment at being left on the sidelines by more experienced players, despite making just as much effort to participate. We have therefore decided to fix Grozilla’s and Grasmera’s strength at four different levels. Players can now choose the level of the Lords of the Island before they face them. Naturally, the choice made will influence the possible rewards, and only the version of Grozilla meant for level 150 adventurers will drop loot.
In addition to the Madreggon (which can be obtained by exchanging the tokens obtained by defeating the two strongest versions of Grozilla and Grasmera), it is now possible to obtain tokens by defeating the two weakest versions that can be exchanged for a new pet exclusive to the island, the Krolimea. Of course, you’ll still receive an emote when you defeat Grozilla and Grasmera for the first time, but which one will depend on the strength level of the monsters. Adventurers will either learn the "Superhero" emote or the "Vulkanian Salute."

Last but not least: the difficulty of your fight against Grozilla and Grasmera is managed by ADDS. Consequently, the strength of the Lords is determined by the number of challengers they will stand up against. As such, smaller groups of adventurers now have just as much chance of success as teams of eight adventurers.
New repeatable content
Aside from the fight against the Lords of the Island, we found that Vulkania lacked repeatable content. That’s why Huckle Ingon and Seamus Tard now invite all adventurers to take part in a competition between Vulkorog and Otomaisle, with three activities that will sort the men from the boys. Once you’re part of a team, you’ll have the choice between fighting Sauroshells in the forest, battling it out with Raw Sauroshells in the craters, or gathering Rock Crystals that have been scattered around the island.

Each week, the team that wins the most activities will be declared the champion. As a reward, a shop will be available all week long on the winning island and really hard-working adventurers will gain access to a new emote determined by the island: Stok for Vulkorog and Lizard for Otomaisle. These emotes will allow adventurers to complete their set of actions and surprise their opponents in rock-paper-scissors contests! In order to have a fair chance of obtaining the two emotes, adventurers will be able to choose which team they want to be on each week.

On the beach, Bo Pye, another employee who recently touched down on the island, proposes a weekly activity that will give your grey matter a run for its money. He’ll reward whoever finds the solution to his problem with a nice, hefty sum of kamas.
Other new developments and changes
Budding detectives will also have enough to keep them busy because there are still surprises in store for adventurers who have revealed the secret of Tarada Bay. For everyone else, there’s no better time to learn more about what’s going on behind the scenes on this heavenly island.
As is the case for all large-scale, seasonal content, experience rewards on Vulkania have increased by approximately 30%. This includes both experience gained in combat and experience gained at the end of quests.
Obviously, all these changes supplement the existing content on Vulkania so there’s no time like the present to discover or rediscover the archipelago and all the secrets it’s got to hide!
We hope these changes meet your expectations and are, as always, open to any feedback about how we can improve DOFUS.

See you soon on Vulkania!
Korri & Halden
Category: Community