Following on from the various Game Design articles about the changes coming to DOFUS in version 2.7, here’s a quick rundown of the main modifications being made to the DOFUS client.


Displaying the world map has been causing problems for some time now: it was slow to open and made the client considerably more sluggish, especially for players with less powerful set-ups. This problem was due in part to the large volume of conquest territory data which had to be loaded each time, which was quite resource-consuming for the client.
We have therefore changed the way this map works so that it will require fewer resources and display more quickly. The default setting will now be to hide the conquest territories (which you will still be able to view by clicking a button), which frees up the whole interface to display the map, making it not only smoother to load but also much more legible and user-friendly.

The emoticon panel has been enlarged and over 60 new emoticons have been added. More funny faces to express your emotions means less writing and more playing!
Interface buttons

For a long time now, you’ve been asking for a feature which allows you to modify the buttons displayed at the bottom of the interface (underneath the spell and item shortcuts), so that you can put the buttons you use the most in pole position and hide those that you use the least. We’ve got good news – you can now rearrange these buttons to your heart’s content!
All you have to do is click on the “+” at the right-hand side of the bar to display the hidden buttons and then drag and drop them to rearrange them as you wish. Placement works in the same way as it does for moving spells and items to the shortcut bar: when you drop one button onto another, the two will switch places.
Advanced transfers
A few patches ago, we improved transfers from inventories to chests by allowing you to move all the items in one inventory to another. This improvement made a lot of transfers much easier. However, in most cases, this feature did not correspond to players’ needs. A second option was to hold down the Shift key when clicking on the transfer button, in order to move visible items only. Unfortunately, this feature is less well-known and is rarely used.
We have therefore decided to improve the system further by offering three different options for your item transfers:
  •  Transfer all items: Unsurprisingly, this option lets you transfer everything in the right hand inventory (from Equipment, Miscellaneous and Resources) to the left-hand chest and vice versa.
  •  Transfer visible items: This is the equivalent to the keyboard shortcut mentioned above and enables you to move a selection of items: a certain category, a certain type, or the results of a search. This feature can be used to move all of your resources, all of your Wool, or all items containing the word “Gobball”, for example.
  •  Transfer existing items: This is a new option which only transfers items which can already be found in the destination chest. Particularly useful for super-organised players, it will enable you to transfer all the resources you dropped during your last trip to see Kimbo to your dedicated “Otomai Resources” chest with one simple click.
Now you have no excuse for an untidy inventory!
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