New Ogrine services:
You’ve been asking for this for a while now, and we’ve been promising it’s on its way… Now, we’re pleased to announce that two new Ogrine services for guilds will soon be on offer. You’ll be able to rename your guild and change the appearance of its emblem (colours and icons).

These two services are not going to be released with the 2.7.0 update but should be available a few weeks later.
We intend to charge 2,800 Ogrines for guild renaming and 700 Ogrines for emblem changing. These prices are the same as those used for the character name and colour change services.

Of course, you’ll also be able to pay for these services using kamas by way of the Kama Exchange.

Any character can buy these services; when you do so, you will receive a non-linked potion which can only be used by guild leaders.
New emblems:
To accompany the coming service that will allow you to change your guild’s emblem, we have decided to add over 200 new icons in version 2.7.0, to enable you to create more varied guild emblems.
The emblem creation interface has been improved and the different icons are now sorted into categories to make choosing one more straightforward.

This system of categorisation will also allow us to add new emblem icons more easily in the future.
Emblems displayed on Perceptors:

Perceptors are also getting a cosmetic retouch in version 2.7.0: from now on, they’ll display their guild’s emblem on their battle flag. For you, that’s one more way to flaunt your dominion (or your bad taste, if you have an ugly emblem) across the maps of the World of Twelve!
The DCMP (Defence Committee for Martyrised Perceptors) recommends that you choose a tasteful emblem to keep your Perceptor in a good mood and increase his chances of generating Dofus and other precious items of basic necessity.
Guild shields:
There’s a new shield in town – the Guild Shield!
This new arrival will allow you to proudly display your emblem on your arm at all times and distinguish yourself from all those other guilds with emblems as ridiculous as your own.
It will only be available to players in guilds of level 30 or higher, but there will be no other conditions. To make one, you’ll need to find a Shield Smith who can complete recipes with eight ingredients.
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