The Almanax is a new feature included in version 2.8. Its objective: offer recurring content, give players the opportunity to break dull habit with daily events... and introduce a new Dofus to the game!

Origins of the Almanax

During his extensive studies, the famous Magus Ax encountered one big question: the months have their Protectors, the hours are associated with Demons. But who watches over the days of the year?
During an astral journey, the Magus finally found an answer to his question. Guardians of the days exist indeed: they're the Meridia, minor gods appointed by Xelor himself!

Always eager to spread knowledge, Magus Ax decided to reveal the existence of these divinities to the world. He gathered his notes and started writing the greatest book of all time: the Almanax.

Principles of the Almanax

The Almanax is based on the same design as a traditional almanac: a calendar in book form. It illustrates the different days of the year and their associated themes, anecdotes, various traditions... The World of Twelve and the Krosmoz are full of legends and heroes. There are a lot of stories to tell!

If the calendar is like a novel, with its yearly saga as the thread linking all these elements together, then the Meridia are the main characters of the Almanax. Each of these minor gods is associated with an attribute. Fragility, surprise, sense of direction, to name a few examples... Each Meridia's attribute will be unveiled throughout the year.

The Keepers of the Days and their personalities are closely linked to the content offered by the Almanax. The power and attributes of a Meridia influences its affiliated day: that's what's known as the Meridian effect.

That's nice, but how does it work?

A day's Meridian effect translates into the game as a bonus and a quest of offering, which is active for the duration of one day. They are reset at midnight (game time).

The daily bonus can come in the form of various advantages: it can be an XP bonus in a specific geographical area, a profession bonus to the quality of crafted items, increased challenge bonuses in a particular dungeon, a bonus to the amount of harvested resources... we defined 20 different types of bonuses that will be available in different variations and strengths and distributed over the year. Some bonuses affect characters of all levels, while others are designed for characters of a certain level range.

The quest of offering can be accomplished by characters who are level 10 and up. It's possible to complete each day's quest once a year and then repeat that same day's quest again the following year.

Brigitte always remembers to bring her offering to the temple every day!

To start the quest of offering, simply talk to the NPC Antyklime Ax, who can be found at the Almanax' sanctuary (also called the Bibliotemple) which lies north-west of Astrub. For busy travellers, a brand new Zaap is added near the sanctuary in version 2.8. It is even possible to teleport there directly thanks to a new potion made by alchemists.

The Sanctuary isn't hard to find!

The quest asks that supplicants bring a certain resource or crafted object to the Bibliotemple in varying quantities. This offering is not a quest item and most of the time it will remain available throughout the year. It can be acquired by killing monsters, using the services of a craftsman or via trade between players.

Completing a quest of offering rewards players with XP and kamas, as well as a variable number of Almokens. These rewards are adjusted to the character's level and are thus interesting to the majority of players.
Almokens can be exchanged with the NPC Xanamla (also located at the Bibliotemple) for various prizes: temporary illusions, books about the Doziak signs, pebbles, previously unseen emotes...

After making an offering, you can meet the God of the day in person!

But above all, the quests of offering are the only way to get a treasure coveted by many adventurers...


A very special quest is available as a premise to the first quest of offering. Called The Year of the Dragon, it requires players to gather up 365 calendar pages. For each successfully completed quest of offering, a character receives one page. Therefore it takes 365 days to collect the required number of pages.

Brigitte likes to fill up a progression bar just as much as the next guy.

Collecting 365 pages does not necessarily require completing 365 different quests of offering: it is also possible to repeat one year's quests in another year to compensate for those that were missed.

The prize gained at the end of this lengthy quest? The Dolmanax, a new addition to the Dofus family. Permanently linked to an account, it can only be won once per character. It rewards a character's devotion.
The Dolmanax offers a bonus that compliments the bonuses of the Dofus eggs that already exist. Does it involve range, resistances or maybe some other characteristics? The secret will only be revealed when a year is up There's no helping it, this time you need to be patient!

The Almanax Interface

A notification will inform players that the new Almanax content is available when they connect to the game for the first time each day. The Almanax menu can be opened from this notification, or by selecting the respective tab in the Grimoire.

It's a brand new day, you know what you have to do!

The Almanax interface contains a lot of information: the date, protector of the month, astrological sign, a presentation of the day's Meridia, active bonuses... For those wanting to know how far they are, there's a gauge that displays your character's progress in the Dolmanax quest.

A calendar button allows access to the Almanax section of the Krosmoz website.

The Almanax website

The site provides additional information that's not available in the game interface. When consulting the website, it's not only possible to display the daily bonuses of past days via a calendar, but also to display the bonuses that will be active during the next 7 days. This allows foresighted players to plan ahead and arrange their game sessions according to the bonuses that interest them the most.

Other exclusive information available on the site: the offerings required for the daily quests. Just like for the bonuses, offerings for the next 7 days are also revealed. Players who wish to collect the necessary resources or make trades in advance can ensure they are ready for whatever the upcoming week may throw at them.

Advantages of the Almanax

In addition to the potential reward of a Dofus, which will probably motivate more than one person, we hope the Almanax will be a source of discovery and inspiration for the players.

  • The text of the Almanax will allow fans of the background story to further immerse themselves in the World of Twelve, and even learn a few new things when communicating with the Meridia.
  • The quests of offering and the Dolmanax quest set new goals for adventurers who might be lacking objectives.
  • Bonuses encourage players to meet each other in the same area and enjoy the same content.
  • Characters wanting to progress quickly have access to additional sources of experience, thanks to regular XP bonuses and daily quests.
  • The Almanax is largely based on existing content: it encourages players to rediscover areas or dungeons which return to the front of the stage when decked out in Almanax bonuses.
  • Item requirements for offerings may delight the opportunists and reward the most foresighted. Everyone can obtain the objects they need on their own... but players can also decide to organise them together!
  • The resources serving as offerings will be highly demanded, and enthusiastic craftsmen will have a lot to do in order to meet the demands when offerings are crafted items.
  • The choice of rewards which can be bought with Almokens may progressively expand in future updates: obtaining a Dolmanax will be an important step, but there's other interesting benefits to completing the daily offering quests that shouldn't be overlooked.

Wrapping it up...

The Almanax will be available for testing on the Beta server, along with the other changes of version 2.8. Various types of bonuses will be active day by day, along with a calendar specific to the Beta. This allows us to give a broad overview of the bonuses and quests which will be available on the servers during the first months after 2.8 is released.

Accessing the Krosmoz website from the game interface will be disabled during the Beta.

All that's left is counting the days until you can get absorbed in the Almanax... and start the longest quest in the history of DOFUS!

See you soon at the Almanax Sanctuary!

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