With the arrival of 2.8, we took the opportunity to change the class Dopples, because we didn't find the current state of the Dopple summons to be satisfactory.

As a reminder, the Summon spell Dopple is obtained at 200 by all classes and, as its name suggests, allows you to summon a Dopple version of your class. Dopples have a lot of HP, are quite powerful, and use some of your spells.

We are unsatisfied with the current Dopples for the following reasons:

- The Dopple summon creates a wide power gap between level 199 and level 200. As long and laborious it is to go from one to the other, it's quite common for players to be "stuck" at 199 for a very long time. In this context, it's not a good idea to have a massive difference in power between these two levels.

"Hmm, yeah... I have to agree, yours is bigger..."

- The class Dopples that are currently in the game are uneven. Some Dopples currently have the advantage of powerful class spells, allowing them to turn the tide of battle, where other Dopples have only little impact on the fight.
- Dopples greatly impact class balancing. The problem stemmed in part from the previous point, but some classes, once they obtained their Dopple, were considered much better than level 199 (for example the Pandawa Dopple, which had Dopple Stain, a very powerful spell), where other classes got almost no benefit from summoning their Dopple.
- Dopples make it possible to circumvent the cooldown of some spells. Cooldowns are an important part of the spell system that has been determined by the game developers. When Dopples have their own version of a buffing spell, they can cast those buffs on their summoner, allowing the summoner to have the spell effect more often than expected. For example, Enutrofs can have Acceleration more frequently than expected, and Iops could benefit from stacking Power. This highly effected the balancing of spells.
- Dopples are currently too unpredictable. Like all summons, Dopples depend on artificial intelligence and are therefore not absolutely controlled by their summoner. Most summons have one to two spells and thus retain very predictable behavior for those with enough playing experience. Dopples had four. That makes it almost impossible to know what to expect at the beginning of their turn; it could either be catastrophic or surprisingly good (with a slight preference for disasters).

"Summons for the summoners!" was the rallying cry of the Osamodas...

- Summoned Dopples are too strong. With more than 1,000 HP and 30% resistance to all elements, it often takes several rounds to kill a Dopple (a summon that can usually fight at long ranges), and it is generally not profitable to do so as things stand now. And additionally, giving a powerful summon to certain classes (like Iops) does somewhat conflict with their class roles.
That is why we decided to remedy this problem by reviewing Dopples to respond better to our expectations. We follow several guidelines to guide our changes:

- Dopples should not be necessary to turn the tide of battle. That is why we have decided to withdraw their spells with powerful effects and those that can have a significant impact in a fight. In short, Dopple spells can no longer inflict Gravity state, unbewitch a player and/or inflict erosion. All that remainsare spells with low AP / MP theft, which we have intentionally left, knowing that Dopples' wisdom is very low.

- Summoned Dopple should no longer possible to bypass cooldowns. All boosting spells have been removed from summoned Dopples to avoid allowing level 200 characters to have twice the duration of their spells and thus circumvent the constraints that we have defined in their base.

- Summoned Dopples should be more reliable. To do this we have reduced the number of spells to 3. It not only makes it easier to predict their behavior, but it also made them more specialized than before. Most Dopple pushback spells have also been removed, to avoid allowing an enemy to escape from a lock, a glyph, a wall, etc.

Brigitte never found her Dopple to be unbalanced,
but her objectivity on the subject was questionable.

- Summoned Dopples must be able to inflict damage that is balanced compared to other Dopples. Some Dopples had some very low 'firepower' in comparison to some other Dopples, which were much more powerful. We tried to address this issue with characteristic bonuses and fixed damage, so that all quantities inflict damage nearby.
- Dopples should be more flexible to use. The AP cost of Summoning of Dopple, 8, was prohibitive and encouraged players to cast the spell when they had nothing else to do. Reducing the cost to 6, Dopples are now easier to summon. This change is consistent with the proportional reduction in their life.
We hope you understand better now why we wanted to change the class Dopples and hope that, like us, you will now find the fights more enjoyable, now that these summons have less influence on the course of a fight!

Thanks to our volunteer translators for their help getting this Devblog out on time!
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