To keep the good news coming, the 2.8.0 update will also contain some updates to the DOFUS client's interface. With this update, the client team would like to introduce you to five major changes or additions to help the DOFUS client meet some of the suggestions and expectations that are often expressed by the DOFUS community.

So let's take a look at what's coming for the client in version 2.8.0


When the combined forces of the vagaries of Level Design and Assimar's creativity give rise to maps where the combat zone pushes down into bottom right corner of client, the Timeline could become a hassle. Players had to choose between playing with the timeline collapsed, losing out on the information that it provides, or trying to play with the timeline open, losing clarity when mounts and monsters mingle with their thumbnails and turning the battlefield into an illegible mess.

Happily, the 2.8 update will now allow you to move the timeline to the upper right corner of the screen, using a little arrow at the base of the timeline. Placement of the timeline is saved in your options, so even if you disconnect, the timeline will be in the same over multiple game sessions, unless you move it yourself.

Interfaces 2.8

Backing up Configuration Settings

And speaking of saving configuration settings, we have made it possible to save several display options over multiple game sessions.

Hit Point Display (simple HP display, current and maximum hit points, or percentage of remaining HP) this display will stay the same after each disconnection, regardless of character or account that is connected in your client.

For example, if you set your HP display to show the percentage, it will stay set at percentage view for all clients on your computer until you choose to change it.

Custom Gages, custom gages will also be retained when reconnecting to the game, but this display will be customized for each character. So, for example: if Dana wants to display her guild experience gage, that will be the gage she sees the next time she connects, even if her alt Dana-Farmer was connected to the same client, and set the gauge to show her pods gage between Dana's connections.

Therefore, when Dana connects, she'll see her guild's experience, and when Dana-Farmer is online, she will see her remaining pods gage.

Interfaces 2.8

The third option that will be saved between sessions is a boon to roleplayers and socialites: character moods.

Now, when you choose an emoticon to represent the mood of your character, that mood will be automatically re-activated for that character's next connection, providing that it is within a week after the original activation of the mood setting. Quick reminder, you can choose your character's mood by right-clicking any emoticon within the emoticon menu.


Interfaces 2.8


On to the guild interface! With this update, the client team has added the creation date of each guild, so that guilds can finally celebrate their birthdays! Additionally, this makes it easier to know when guilds can buy paddocks or set guild houses. The guild creation date is at the top of the guild interface, just below the number of members.

Also in the guild interface for houses has been simplified. This means that players are no longer forced to see not only the picture of the house, but also the rights associated with the house, and players can now see any house's details without clicking on that house's listing.

The new display is a simple list, giving all of the available space to the name of the house and its owner. Incidentally, a tooltip showing the name of the zone and sub-zone has been added to the coordinates of each house.

Interfaces 2.8

Equipment and Shortcuts

The penultimate new feature available in 2.8 is the ability to equip items direction from the shortcut bar. This feature was much requested and should be quite useful both for the preparation phase of combat, or in the everyday life of a character just to swap profession tools or pets.

To equip an item on the shortcut bar, it only takes a simple double-click on the item in question, the press of a keystroke corresponding to that item's shortcut bar box, or even a right-click on the shortcut in the bar and selecting the "equip" option in the contextual menu.

Interfaces 2.8

In addition, to overcome the lack of visual feedback when using these equipment shortcuts, tooltips have been added to show the characteristics of these items. This allows you to quickly see if the item in question is the correct one for the job at the moment. However, to avoid overloading the display, these tooltips will only be shown when the inventory is closed.


Soulstone Marketplace

When opening the Soulstone marketplace, the categories "Arch-monster" and "Dungeon Keeper" both benefit from a special interface that allows you to see the names of the monsters contained in the stones.

This handy feature could pose some problems when there are a large number of stones in the marketplace. Opening this interface could cause a significant lag in the client for several seconds while it was processing the large amount of data that must be sent between the client and the database servers to allow you to see the information in the marketplace.

We have introduced a new system in version 2.8 that will allow the client to process this information without grinding to a halt with no warning. Now a window will pop-up, showing you that the system is analyzing the contents of all available soulstones in the category you've requested.


We hope these changes will make the game more enjoyable for you, and wish you all a happy 2.8.0 from the client development team!

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