During the 2.8 update, we’ve decided to take a suggestion that has come up from the players several times, and update the spells and stats of the Temple Dopples.

The temple dopples (as their name suggests) can be found in the class temples, and beating them gives you Doploons, which can be redeemed for numerous types of awards, like characteristic scrolls and class spells! Players at any level can fight and defeat these dopples every day, and in general, they are an interesting and rewarding challenge.
These dopples have been in the game for years now, but they are only rarely updated. They have their own specially balanced versions of their class’ spells, which generally means that when class spells are changed, the dopple spells are not necessarily subject to the same changes.
So, this led to awkward moments where dopples had spells that were quite outdated, and some even had spells that no longer existed! For dopples, who exist to help players better understand the spells of other classes, this was problematic to say the least.
Certain dopples also had far too many spells at certain levels, some of them up to 8 different spells. This caused problems with the artificial intelligence system, and in some cases also caused malfunctions, making the dopples play badly during their turns.

Updating spells

All of the Dopple spells have been updated to match the current state of class spells. Cra Dopples no longer have extremely random Punitive Arrow rolls. The Dopple version of Rekop, which could easily kill a character in just a few turns, has been toned down and made sane again! All of the dopple spells functions use the current function of the class spells that they correspond with, and we will continue to update these spells during future class changes.

Spell reassignment

Dopples now have their number of spells reduced to a minimum. We would have liked to have just three per Dopple, just like for summoned Dopples, but we quickly realized that, for example, to limit the Sacrier Dopple to only three spells didn’t make for very interesting fights, they need to have at least Punishment, an elemental Punishment as well as Attraction. The same goes for the Osamodas Dopple, who needs to have at least two summons, and a buffing spell. As such, Dopples now have between three and five spells per level bracket. The spells were chosen in order to make the fight interesting, balanced and a true representation of the class being faced.

Improvement to the gaming experience

So, we must admit that some Dopples were not very interesting to fight against. Some were too low, others too high, others simply boring. After considerable amounts of testing, we gave them spells that should make them more interesting and balanced. We often adjusted their damage output to make the spells more reasonable and have addressed more specific and detailed issues: it should be noted, amongst other things, that the Osamodas Dopple can no longer summon twice in the same turn, or the Masqueraider Dopple damage in the Cowardly and Classic states, have been increased to breach the gap in the power difference previously noticed with the Psychopath Mask spells.

We will obviously continue to regularly keep dopples updated and we will monitor things to ensure that our objectives have indeed been achieved. With 10 versions of the 15 different class Dopples, this gives us 150 different monsters to keep an eye on!

We believe that these changes should make the fights against Temple Dopples a lot more interesting on many levels without forgetting the learning curve towards the gameplay of classes for our rookie players.
Good luck on your next round of Temple Dopples!
Category: Game design