Hello everyone, Sebsokk here!
Usually, I step up to the devblog mic  to tell you about new DOFUS services, and today is no different. Few months ago, the interface dedicated to subscriptions and purchases of Ogrines and services was entirely rebuilt.
In the upcoming weeks, we’re going to improve the interface and the accessibility to the Kamas Exchange, in order to ease the acquisition of Ogrines to all. The new Ogrines Exchange will also be accessible via the website (outside the game), which you’ve been asking for a long time!
This week, the final adjustment will be implemented, and it is quite a big one: the opening of the Great Emporium! It consists of a shop with the same interface already used by WAKFU. To understand what you can expect, the following article will inform you of what the Great Emporium is about:

  • In relation to Ogrines:
    • Only Ogrines can be used to buy items from the Great Emporium
    • As a reminder, Ogrines can also be acquired with Kamas, so any item offered in the Great Emporium can potentially be obtained for free. Thanks to the new WEB interface of the Exchange, the price in Kamas (based on current rates) will even be directly visible on the item page.
    • We will voluntarily maintain low prices so the purchase of Kamas converted in Ogrines stays affordable for all players.
  • The Rundown on the Great Emporium:
    • We plan on using it to allow all players to benefit from event items that are no longer available today. For example, it seems a pity that the Beanie Set (which was given to DOFUS Mag purchasers five years ago) is only owned by less than 500 characters in the entire game. The set is pretty, and we’d like more people to wear it. We are aware that the system of random token makes it hard to get a complete set.
    • With such a tool, it will also be easier to offer you regular special offers. In the end, more offers also means more advantages and deals for you!
  • The items you'll find in the Emporium:
    • Only items specially created for promotional material will ever be sold in the shop. Ankama will never sell items that can be dropped or crafted in game.
    • All the Great Emporium items have prices fixed by category (set, pet…), no matter their statistics. We’ve adopted this system to show that even though these sets have stats, we still consider them as aesthetic sets or collection items.
    • These items can be exchanged 2 months after you receive them, which means that it can be possible to buy and sell them directly in the game.
  • Shop events:
    • Every week, you’ll find in the Great Emporium:
      • New items
      • An special, limited-time offer
Of course, other additions or seasonal promotions will also pop up from time to time, but there will be something new happening in the shop every week. We’ll maintain this pace as long as possible, according to the quantity of promotional items that are available.

To conclude, please know that the entire Ankama and DOFUS team wants to maintain the economy built by the players more than anything else and not to impact the prices of “stat” items that can be crafted or dropped in game. We’re aware that most of you aren’t particularly attracted by online shops and the “Pay 2 Win” spirit, but the Great Emporium is different. It is kind of a permanent archive that allows new players to get items they couldn’t have in any other way today… and allows collectors to complete their collections!

Thanks for reading!