For several weeks now, we’ve been teasing and talking about the new DOFUS expansion, Krosmaster. Thanks to news and videos, you’ve discovered the basics of figurine battles that you’ll experience in both DOFUS and WAKFU. Yet, one aspect of this expansion hasn’t been developed, its integration in DOFUS. How will you be able to access these figurine battles? What will be the reward? Let’s find out together!

The Krosmaster HQ

Obtaining the figurines in game

With the launch of the expansion, all players will start with the same 4 figurines. Then, you’ll get to complete your collection. All the figurines – the Krosmasters – can be obtained in game for free, simply by playing DOFUS.

We’ve integrated a new in-game gift item, the Krosbox, which is a box that contains a random Krosmaster. You’ll only discover what you get when you open it.

A Krosbox

The figurines have different power and degree of rarity. The probability of obtaining each figurine is different. When you open a Krosbox, you can either get a common, rare, or legendary figurine. Also, this may seem obvious, but it bears saying that you’re more likely to get a common figurine than a legendary one.

There are several ways to get these Krosboxes in DOFUS:

All players will obtain a Krosbox one day or another after a battle, even if they don’t try to. Krosboxes can be dropped by all monsters since they were added to the list of generic loots, like ethereal weapons or guildologems.
However, the likelihood of obtaining these Krosboxes depends on the level of the monsters you fight; high level monsters drop them more easily.
So you won’t have to change your habits to complete your Krosmaster collection, the figurines will come to you!
If you’re the type who doesn’t like to wait around, we do have a way for you to skip farming monsters to get figurines for your team! You’ll have the possibility to trade Doploons or Kolossokens for figurines. Dopple lovers and Kolizeum aficionados will have a chance to take advantage of the tokens they’ll have saved in order to complete their figurine collection quickly, if that’s what they want.
Starting with the 2.9 update, a NPC located in the Krosmaster house, in [5, 3] will offer you a daily repeatable quest. You’ll have the opportunity to win one Krosbox per day, in addition to kamas and experience indexed to you level.

Using the figurines in game

Once you’ve opened your Krosboxes and redeemed the prizes inside, you can of course send those figurines to your Krosmaster collection. And there’s nothing easier: you just need to double click on the figurine icon to add it to your collection (and if you change your mind, you can send the figurine back to your inventory at any time). You can then use them to fight other players. 
This system also gave rise to several possibilities: someone might get a duplicate of a figurine but might not want to trade or sell their figurines, or there could be players who have already collected all the figurines, or some players simply might not be interested in Krosmaster battles.
For these players, we wanted to offer alternatives to avoid duplicated figurines.

 As we said before, the figurines have different levels of rarity, and so their prices will differ as well. We couldn’t integrate a new functionality and collection system without also integrating it in DOFUS’s economic system.
A marketplace has been added in the Krosmaster House to allow players to sell and buy figurines and Krosboxes. Of course, it will also be possible to directly meet with other players to exchange figurines.
It is thus possible to exchange Krosboxes and figurines for Krokens (a new currency) with Krozette in the Krosmaster House. A figurine costs 1 Kroken, but a seller will earn 2 Krokens for a Krosbox (because of the risk of giving up a rare or legendary figurine).
With Krokens, you can buy 2 types of objects – characteristic parchment and Krosboxes:
  • Small parchment: 2 Krokens
  • Parchment: 6 Krokens
  • Large parchment: 14 Krokens
  • Powerful parchment: 34 Krokens
  • Krosbox: 4 Krokens.
Thanks to the Kroken shop, all types of players can be satisfied:
  • Players who want to complete their Krosmaster collection can benefit from their duplicated figurines by selling them for Krokens, in order to buy new Krosboxes and maybe get figurines they don’t already own.
  • Players who are not interested in Krosmaster battles, or who have already completed their collection can redeem their Krosboxes directly and earn twice as many Krokens that they can use to buy characteristic parchments.
  • Merchant players can open all their Krosboxes, exchange the common figurines for Krokens, and keep the rare and legendary ones to make money out of them in the Auction House.

An incomplete collection.

Rewards for the participants

So far, we’ve talked about what benefits this expansion has for players before they’ve ever participate in a figurine battle. Now, let’s change gears and discover what future duelists can win.

"In your face! In your FACE! My Krosmasters pwn, yours are fail!

Like the Kolizeum, the best Krosmaster players will be ranked in a ladder. The best players on this ladder will have regular opportunities to receive a special type of gift: Krozs.
Krozs are a new currency dedicated to the Krosmoz. It is a currency that both DOFUS and WAKFU have in common for Krosmaster, and which can be used in a boutique accessible to both games. This boutique will offer exclusive and powerful rewards that players can redeem in one or both MMORPGs.
We will divide the year into several Krosmaster seasons that will last for about three months each. During these three months, players will fight each other, climb the ladder and perfect their tactics.
At the end of each season, we’ll select the ladder’s best players and they’ll receive an amount of Krozs indexed to their position on the ladder.
In addition to these seasonal rewards, we work on other opportunities for winning Krozs on a more regular basis; through tournaments, for example.

 In this Krosmoz boutique, among other things and as regards to DOFUS, you’ll find the following gifts:
  • 2 new petmounts
    • The Boarhog, who will make crafters and merchants happy.
    • The Razorbuck, the ideal companion of belligerent types.
  • 12 new cosmetic items of level 50-60.
  • A set composed of 4 items of level 100 approximately.
  • 5 new emotes:
    • Fist
    • Thumb nose
    • Hand rubbing
    • Draw attention
    • Silence
  • Characteristic parchments

Final Note

And now you know the long and short of it! With all of this, you’re well prepared and won’t find yourself unarmed when the Krosboxes make their entrance in your inventory. It’s up to you to take control over your figurines and make your way through the top of the Krosmaster champions’ ladder, or use those figurines' value on the market to flex your mercantile skills!

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