In version 2.9 of DOFUS, we are introducing a new interface dedicated to the management of Titles and Ornaments.

The Titles
At the moment, Titles can only be displayed by equipping items, which can be restricting at times for a player who wishes to collect or change them.
We have improved the system by creating the equivalent of a Title inventory for each character and consequently, we can now distribute titles that are not associated with items.
This means that we can give Titles as rewards for quests, achievements or upon using an item (for example, a title associated with a consumable scroll).

In the 2.9.0 update, in the Titles and Ornament interface you will find the list of Titles one can currently obtain in-game. We did not include in that list titles that are specific to certain servers or certain communities.
Now, to choose or alter one's current title, players will need to use the interface and select the desired Title. Equipping an item associated with a title will not longer display the title under the character's name: it will simply cause that title to be added to the list of titles that the character possesses.
The title that the player selects to save to their character's name display in the interface will be kept between gaming sessions.

The Ornaments
Ornaments are one of the new features brought to you by the 2.9.0 update: they are rewards for the Meta Achievements.

Ornaments are decorations that are displayed around your character's name when hovered over in-game. These rewards are purely cosmetic and yet they are quite prestigious since they symbolize the power of your character, your knowledge and understanding of certain aspects of the game, or even of  the entire game!

They also allow you to differentiate yourself from other characters and to display, for example, your specialty or your chosen field (Breeding, Crafts, etc..).
Ornaments are chosen from the Titles & Ornaments interface. Just like for the Titles, you have access to the list of Ornaments present in the game, and you can try out the ones you do not possess to yet.
With this new system, we now have a solid foundation to gradually add additional Titles and Ornaments. However, we did not intend to trivialize these prestigious awards, as we believe that their rarity gives them their value, and their rarity depends on the level of difficulty of unlocking them. This is why, in the 2.9.0 update, the Ornaments will only be distributed upon the successful completion of Achievements.

As such, we intend to add other Titles and Ornaments throughout future updates, but these rewards generally require a significant investment on the part of the player.

We hope that this new character customization system based on merit will be an additional incentive to discover all the content and features of the game.
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