The 2.9 update goodies keep coming, and in this article, we'll discuss the new average price display in inventories, banks, and at the end of combat... let's dissect this new feature!

Many players' bank and inventories often look like the secret stashes where squirrels store their winter resources or like the bedroom of a rebellious teen hoodlum: it's a mess!

Even if you, our beloved and forward-looking players, keep a supersized database to try to manage your unruly inventories, we understand your urge to store up resources, hair, legs, wings, eyeballs, roots, noob equipment, shiny rocks, toenails, old used underwear, and other miscellaneous items in the hopes that one day they will finally become useful in some way. AND we know about your secret daydreams that on that glorious day, you will be able to corner the market and net a huge pile of kumarz with which to buy all the shiny baubles your heart desires!

But all of that fiscal wrangling can be time-consuming and costly, especially if you need to open your overstuffed bank to check your stock, then compare those items against the average market price (although this makes the Owls ever so happy).

In the 2.9.0 update, we're adding a little interface feature that will show you the average prices of items in all your sundry inventories (banks, chests, character inventory, mount inventory, etc.) and in most interfaces that display items (item recipes, trade windows, etc.).

To do this, you just need to hover over your items to learn their average price - and, if you hover over a stack of multiple items, you'll also learn the average price of the entire stack.

The average price on each server is updated on a daily basis (approximately once every 24 hours - but this time could increase or decrease based on this function's impact on server performance at the time). The price is calculated from purchases made in the markets and from other players' merchant mode. But please note: the average price is only an assessment - a rough guide to help you generally estimate the value of an item; it's not the Word of God.

In addition to an average price for each item or stack of items, some inventories will be able to show you the total estimated value of the items stored within that container. With this tool, you should be able to get a general idea of whether you're sitting on a potential gold mine of resources just waiting to be changed into precious kamas, or if your banker is a nasty crook who's been billing you ridiculous charges for storing cheap, common-as-dirt items. In either case, this is the perfect opportunity for some restructuring and clean-up!

Inventories that can show your their total estimated value can also take advantage of filters to get more precise readings. For example, you can find out approximately how much your Leathers or your breeding items might be worth.

Now there might be a few out there who are thinking "They've done it again, those twerps... they've oversimplified it! Stop trying to pander to the casuals by dumbing down the game; I like whipping out my Texas Instruments calculator every night and computing the theoretical value of my items to the kama every night before I go to bed! Feeling like a financial wizard made me feel good and now you're about to steal it from me, my only purpose in DOFUS, the last thing that was still making me want to connect to the game after all these updates that have ruined the game's economy."

Please allow us a chance to provide a response to these simmering thoughts of resentment that might be angering some of you, our beloved readers. From our perspective, we assert that displaying these average values is not a substitute for intensive market study, price tracking, or following long-term trends in item demand. Our intention is to help players engage in commerce and buy and sell for fair prices, which is more interesting for the entire community.

Based on our studies, many beginners don't dare to resell or buy certain items because they fear making a bad deal and losing kamas by either buying items for much more than they're worth or selling items far too cheaply. It's unreasonable to demand that players memorize the prices of all the items in the game. As we mentioned above, the average price display is resoundingly not a very precise means of gathering economic information (to really command the market, it's still necessary to check the sellrooms and merchants) and it is absolutely not intended to create a fixed price for selling and buying specific items. We have only added this display to encourage players to start measuring the value of their possessions and get more involved in the economy.

However, you could say that there is one particular type of person the devs are pandering to by adding this average price display... The Server team - made up of the devs who watch over the precious databases that power our game - is thrilled to pieces that they have finally managed to convince the Game Design team to add a feature that will encourage players to sell some of the contents of their banks and inventories.

We are given to understand that the ultimate decision was made with the assistance of a bet involving a sack of Tofu feathers, a tub of Oilbow Grease, and a shaved Mama Bworkette. Some of the Game Design team members are still walking funny in the aftermath, so please be nice to them if you see them on the beta or on the forums.
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