For the release of Frigost episodes 1 and 2, we used a new recipe format for equipment recipes, the equipment sets released in these updates were each associated with one dungeon and all ingredients needed to craft them could be obtained through the monsters of the corresponding dungeon.
This recipe format was intended to allow casual players to have easier access to the necessary ingredients, thus avoiding the need to run a multitude of dungeons in order to gather all the necessary ingredients.

Even though this type of recipe was not a source of complaints, beginning in 2011, we have decided to no longer follow this formula for creating equipment recipes. This trend is continuing in version 2.10.

What really happened

In fact, this recipe format did not have the effect we hoped, it has primarily allowed a minority of players (especially those using multiple accounts) to generate a lot of objects quite autonomously, without interacting with other players.
It is this recipe format that, among other things, led to disproportionate concentrations of Kamas for some characters.
After realising this, we embarked on a new recipe format adventure that would include resources from several different dungeons, several different areas, as well as pebbles obtainable through the Kolossium and Dopples.

By ensuring a sufficient variety of ingredients, we encourage players that want to craft their own items to diversify their activities (several dungeons and several different gameplay options) or to play the market to the best of their abilities in order to obtain the missing ingredients. This approach allows us to restore the interest potential of certain dungeons and resources, as well as a better distribution of Kamas across players. Characters are more dependent on each other, profits are better distributed, and the economy plays a more important and interesting role for the players.

Ok, fair enough, but what will be changed?

With the 2.10 update, we decided to review the old recipes released during the Frigost episodes 1 and 2, which did not respect this new format. We have modified every recipe to be compliant with this new recipe model.
Some items will cost more, others less. This will  of course evolve over time in response to the changes, because the economy of DOFUS and the prices of items are set by the supply and demand generated by players.

We are quite aware that these changes to old recipes are late and many items have been created, but with the upcoming arrival of Frigost 3 we have decided to review once and for all every “old” recipe relating to items that are still quite popular. We deem these modifications to still be relevant and necessary.

We have also modified the recipes of items that were released during the 2.9 version, that included pebbles obtainable through the Almanax. We have replaced these pebbles with others that can be obtained via the Kolossium and Dopples.
The completion of daily Almanax quests leads to the generation of large amounts of Almokens
and the price of the associated pebbles became too low, no longer reflecting the value we wanted those items to have.
As such, we have decided to no longer use the Almanax pebbles for these items, and use them for other things (such as upcoming trophies, for example).

However, we do know about the difficulty in obtaining Kolossokens faced by some smaller servers due to low availability of Kolossium fights, so we have added a temporary measure with this update that allows players to trade two Doploons for one Kolossoken. We will remove this measure when we have solved the problem of low Kolossium fight availability.

The Future of recipes (of the future)

The game design team is generally satisfied with the current recipe model and how it promotes trade and interaction between players. However, we may continue to tweak this model and run experiments to see if it can be improved further when the opportunity arises.
In Frigost 3, for example, we expect to include resources from repeatable quests in some recipes to allow players that enjoy questing to carve out an important niche in the item creation ecosystem.
Some of you have expressed concerns about resources that do not have uses other than being accepted for Almanax quests. Don’t worry, we don’t intend to leave things like this. These new resources will be integrated into future recipes, including the recipes for the new trophies that will be added in version 2.10.
Although these resources were created for the Almanax, they are part of a longer project to improve the profile of certain monsters or monster families that are in need of improvement. In general, we do not want to have any “useless” resources that are not used in even one recipe, and in the next few updates, this should be fixed.
Likewise, we are working on increasing the value of resources that are in recipes already, but have extremely low value in the market. Our internal tools allow us to track the average price of resources and evaluate their value compared to the number of recipes they are used in. So when we create new recipes, we will try to integrate these undervalued resources as much as possible to upgrade their usefulness. This is a long-term project and we expect that it will progress gradually over several updates.
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