We’ve told you that Frigost 3 will bring new areas, new monsters, new resources, and new items to DOFUS. And how to better celebrate the long awaited “Frigost finale” than by rolling out the red carpet for the biggest wave of new items in a very long time, if not the largest collection of new equipment added to the game since the beginning of DOFUS?
And thus, an impressive 72 new pieces of equipment will be released on April 16 in the 2.11 update, encompassing 16 new 3 piece sets and 24 items without a set.

The Kan-O-Mat Set looks good, even when you're tingo'd!

Frigost 3 is an area reserved for very experienced players, therefore these equipments range from level 195 to 200 (with approximately half being 195 to 199, and the other half being 200).

You are probably aware of the large increase in the amount of epic-level equipment since the release of 2.0, but let's look at the numbers: after the Otomai expansion, there were no more than a dozen items in the level range 199-200. After Frigost 2, announced here on the devblog a little more than a year ago, we had reached fifty items. The 2.6 update raised the total to more than seventy, and 2.9 allowed us to reach the magic hundred. The 2.11 update thus represents a huge step forward, which will explode the number of ways to equip a character at very high levels.


In 2.6 and 2.9, we made some “unusual” choices in the design of new item collections.
The 2.6 update led to a comeback of the mono-elemental playstyles, making them a competitive option alongside the multi-elemental builds which had monopolized the interest of players. It also marked our shift towards adding sets with few pieces (more precisely, 3 pieces) to once again guide players towards designing their equipment piece by piece, promoting reflection rather than only thinking in terms of full sets of 5 items or more.

Meanwhile, the 2.9 update was more controversial as it forced players to become familiar with the idea of penalties. The principle is simple: one needs to accept a sacrifice in some characteristics in order to gain elsewhere. Again, the aim is to push for consideration when choosing one's equipments. The update also heavily focused on bi-elemental equipment, covering all possible combinations.

The items of Frigost 3 will draw from all the experience we gained in the creation of the previous collections, with the difference that this time we're trying to reach more players.
So there is a bit of everything in 2.11: from strong mono-elemental to versatile multi-elemental, from powerful items with balancing penalties to less powerful items without any penalty, from very specialized items to more generic options. There's something for every taste!

Our official key-seller on the beta server has already adoped the Harebourg style!


To date, Frigost 3 is the DOFUS expansion that's the most difficult to access, so we thought it best that the items of Frigost 3 should be more powerful than the old ones.
Make no mistake though, they are still far from making the pre-2.11 items drop out of fashion, because it's certainly not desirable to make old game content obsolete when introducing new content! But at the same level, these items are significantly better than those already present in the game. This could manifest in a higher accumulation of characteristics than previously seen, or in a new set of extra bonuses not present on the older items.

The case of the 200 items is special: level 200 equipments did not exist before, with the exception of the Blord Warrior Sword and Scythe. We decided to create a new “tier” distinction between items of level 199 and 200. As a result, half of the items in this expansion, which are reserved for players who reached the maximum level, will be much better than others.

Once again, no one's equipment will become obsolete. There are not enough items to cover all the specialisations, all the playstyles, and few items are actually better than others in all points: we paid particular attention that if there's a choice between a 200 item and one of lower level, then you might want to choose that of the lower level. It's a question of resistances, critical hits, range, this sort of thing.


Those of you who already had an eye on the new sets have surely noticed that the majority of them have an unusual behaviour: the characteristic bonuses given by the set don't increase between the second and third set item equipped.

This way, the characteristic bonuses of 2 items are very strong, which in sum correspond to wearing 3 items of an older set. In turn, wearing 3 items “only” adds the set's major bonus, which is generally an AP or MP.

We chose this style because we noticed that if players are interested in a set, they tend to either wear all of it or nothing at all. With this new design, wearing 2 items becomes more interesting and we hope to see situations in which players become interested in only wearing part of a set to grant them more freedom in their equipment.

Wearing the Cryochrone set means never having to squint again.


Finally, there is another notable innovation concerning the Frigost 3 items, which is that they can only be equipped if a character has finished the dungeon corresponding to them. Don't expect to wear a Count Harebourg set if you haven't finished the achievement asking you to defeat his dungeon!

One of the “flaws” we noticed in Frigost 2 was seeing many high level players, including level 200, wearing the best equipments of the expansion without ever going through the trouble (or achieving the feeling of accomplishment) of completing the dungeon where their equipment came from. We think this is regrettable.

This behaviour also created a type of business that didn't really exist before - so-called “equipment ordering” - which allowed a minority of players to grow rich to a point where they'd amassed several hundred millions, or even billions, of kamas. The principle was simple: provide, only on order and for a payment, items on demand to players who could not or did not want to make them on their own. Although we find this type of exchange between players positive, it also allowed the accumulation of huge sums on a limited number of characters, and pushed many players to equip themselves from content which they had never accessed.

Therefore we decided for Frigost 3, that before being able to wear equipment from this expansion, it is necessary to have beaten the dungeon associated with the item at least once. This seems all the more necessary due to the above mentioned significant power difference between Frigost 3 equipments and those already present in the game. We want a player to at least explore a content before using the items it provides.

Speaking of achievements, remember also that their rewards will help many of these players: it becomes more interesting to do the dungeons and make equipments oneself, since completing a dungeon achievement is usually rewarded with enough of the rare dungeon resources to craft an item from the same dungeon.

In short, we hope you will like these new items, that they'll offer you new ways to equip your character, and that they'll encourage you to explore Frigost 3 from top to bottom! At the time you're reading this, the items are already visible in the Beta version as well as on the official Frigost website. Don't hesitate to take a look and tell us what you think!
Enormous thanks to Seyroth for the devblog and to our volunteer translators for helping make this possible!
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