With the 2.11 update, a new interface is coming into light: The Bestiary. As you might guess from its name, it will enable you access to lots of information on each of the monsters that populate the World of Twelve.


This new interface will look relatively similar to others of its ilk, with a number of categories on the left, the list of monsters for each family or zone, and on the right a search field.
When opening the Bestiary, the zone in which the character is currently in will automatically be selected in order to have immediate access to the list of monsters in the character’s surrounding area.
They are listed alphabetically and you will be able to find bosses and Archmonsters at the end of the list. However the fastest way to find a monster or a family of monsters will still be by using the search toolbar.
By default, putting a term into the search bar will search for that text in all the names of monsters and items dropped by monsters. The option buttons allows you to filter and limit search results, if needed.

Meet Each Monster

In the main entry for each monster, you can find the main sub-zone where that monster perfers to hide. This corresponds to the region where the change of finding that monster is the highest, either because it is the largest zone where the monster can be found, or the zone with the most possible instances of that monster, out of all the subzones where that particular monster can be found.

To see all the other places where a monster can be found, simply click on the compass, left of the area of choice, to bring up a pop-up map, displaying all the areas the monster frequents with a red overlay.

It is also worth noting, if necessary, the button on the right side of the header, allows you to switch from a particular monster to its corresponding Archmonster, and visa-versa.

Lower down, when you expand a monster's listing, you can find the maximum and minimum characteristics and resistances of that monster based on the rank of the monster.
For those of you who are already familiar with the Bestiary on the official website, there shouldn’t be many surprises.

The loot section of the Bestiary is where the true riches of information for this interface can be found.
Already it may be interesting to note that all the items that can be dropped by the monster are displayed, this is without exception (yes, you can finally find out the exact drop rate of the Vulbis Dofus).

The drops are listed in the order of rarity, and drops that are particularly rare will be displayed with a silver outline (if the drop rate is less than 10%) or gold outline (if the drop rate is less than 2%). The interface will also calcuate your character's chance of dropping that item, based on your current Prospecting score.

Finally, the option “Display items that drop under certain conditions ” at the bottom will displayed items that will only drop under certain conditions, such as meat harvested by hunters or quest items. These special drops will be displayed on a blue background.

Finally, just like achievements, it is possible to send a link to a monster via the chat system. To show off a monster to your friends, hold “SHIFT” and Click on the monster header.


In the Overworld

It is also useful to note that there are several means to open the Bestiary. Besides the new button, you can also use the shortcut key “b”. We also added the ability to right click on a group of monsters, this will allow you to go directly to a list of all the monsters in the group, find out their characteristics, and look at their potential drops before engaging them in combat.
Lastly, and this could be the most important, all items that can be dropped, such as resources, (regardless if they’re in merchant mode, part of a recipe, or on the market) now have a Bestiary option added to their drop-down menu that allows you to automatically list all the monster from which the item can be dropped.

Our enormous thanks to [Sili] for this devblog (if you see her on the beta, don't hesitate to let her know what you think about the bestiary) and to our volunteer translator for his assistance with expediting this text! -Izmar
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