The 2.11 update is less than a week away, and like most major updates, it will bring along some new interfaces and client improvements. We've already talked about the new status system and the integrated bestiary, but that's not all! Here's a partial list of the other major improvements that you'll find in your client this coming Tuesday.


End of battle

Several changes have been implemented in the interface of battle results, in order to make it more convenient and readable.

This interface’s main weakness was its lack of flexibility: with 4 players a team, no problem, but with fewer fighters, room was wasted with useless empty lines, while on the other hand, if a team was made of more than 4 players, you had to scroll the screen to see them all, and it was impossible to see both the first and the last players of a team composed of 8 players at the same time.
After many years, we’ve finally decided to take action on this and to make the interface more dynamic, so it can adapt to the number of players in a fight and display up to two teams of 8 players and a perceptor at the same time, without scrolling.

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The loot list of each player was also problematic. When many items were dropped (shoutout to the heroic server), the info-bubble displayed when hovering the button at the end of the line lacked visibility, and in some extreme cases, wasn’t big enough to show all the items. From now on, when more than 10 items are dropped by a player, the button at the end of the line always shows the info-tooltip when mousing over the button, but also allows you to open a real item menu when clicking on it, where all dropped items are visible, with no restrain. This also has the advantage of showing the items in the form of icons, which makes it easier to recognize the drops.

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Finally, in this additional menu as well as on the basic drop line, each item now has a complete info-bubble (but it only displays an item’s stats if equipped), or an item sheet when clicking depending your personal client settings, and a contextual menu with access to related recipes, bestiary, etc.

With the addition of the bestiary, we’ve increased the number of permanent interface buttons from 10 to 13, in order to multiply organization possibilities, so each player can access the interfaces they use the most more easily. As a reminder, you just need to click on the “+” button on the right to access the list of additional buttons. When it’s opened, the buttons can be dragged and dropped in the order of your choice.

To make room for this change, the buttons that swap the toolbar between spell shortcuts and item shortcuts have been moved to the right. Apart from this change in location, their function remains the same.

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With 2.11, the spectator interface will become much more informational, especially when trying to quickly find the battle you’re interested in watching.

The battle list now displays the type of fight on the map: the double arrow changes, depending on if the fight in question is in the Kolossium, a challenge, or an aggression.

On each side of this arrow, the type of team is also presented more clearly. It can either be Neutral, Bontarian, Brakmarian, or Monster or Perceptor. Then, the average level of the battle is displayed.
And finally, at the end right of the interface, a new column shows you if a friend, a member of your current group or your guild is participating to one of the map’s battles. If several different players who are known to you are in the same fight, members of your group are displayed in priority over friends, who are displayed in priority over members of your guild.

By default, battles of the player’s acquaintances are displayed first in the map’s list of battles, but each column header can be clicked and allows sorting of battles according to this column’s data.
Please note that the total team level has replaced by the average level of the team, and the sex and class of each fighter are now visible in the fight breakdown.


The achievement interface has also been improved.
First, when reopened, the interface will now retain the same location it was in when closed for the last time during a game session. For example, if you were looking at a precise achievement or search results when closing the interface, they’ll automatically be displayed again when reopening the interface, until you change to a different character or log out.

The search function was also sped up and improved.
Now, in addition to searching with the achievement name, it is also possible to run searches on the objectives’ text or on names of rewards. By default, the interface will search all achievement texts, but the options on the right of the search bar allows you to apply search filters if needed, meaning it is now possible to find which achievement unlocks a specific title or ornament.
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An upcoming devblog article will give you more details about the improved search function.
Finally, in order to increase social commitment and friendly razzing, achievement points of friends and guild members are now displayed in their respective interfaces.


And for the big finale, the process of leveling up a spell has changed. Visually, the interface stays the same, with the “+” button only visible when the spell can be leveled up, but now, clicking on this button opens a contextual menu that allows you to select between all available spell levels, according to the amount of spell points and the character’s level.

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We hope these modifications, as well as all the other interface improvements and corrections will make the game even more fun to play. We hope you’ll enjoy the update! Thanks for reading!
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