For the 2.14 update, we decided to improve Wabbit Island. It is one of the oldest islands in the game, and much of its content seems outdated compared to the changes that have taken place on the mainland and other islands over the years. We’re improving the appearance of this island by adding a lot of new, fresh details to its decore and giving each of the smaller islands that make up the Wabbit Archipelago their own unique feel. We’re also updating the look and theme of the dungeons on this island.

Which players should play with Wabbits?

We have improved the experience that Wabbits give. They are now monsters with levels between 40 and 60. The Island’s first dungeon will be balanced for a groups of 4 to 8 level 60 characters and the second dungeon will be targeted at groups of 4 to 8 level 80 characters.

We have added new Wabbit monsters (particularly in the Wobot dungeon) to give fights on Wabbit Island a little more diversity. We have also improved some existing Wabbit spells.

Characters that have left level 80 far behind will still find some interesting things to do on the refurbished island, as we have added new Achievements, quests, and exclusive rewards to the Islands!

Improved accessibility

The Wabbit dungeons are infamous for the difficulty of reaching them: the monsters on the island had a fairly large area of aggression and due to the dungeon’s everlasting key entry system, it was not possible to teleport a group to the dungeon’s entrance.

But this will no longer be the case after 2.14! Now access to the Wabbit Island dungeons will be much easier, as we are reducing the aggression range of all wabbits (now they will only aggress characters that come within 1 cell) and it will be possible to teleport your group to the dungeon’s entrance.

We have changed the everlasting keys for this dungeon - now Handymen will be able to craft the new Wabbit Island key dungeons. This new key is also being added to the Bunch of Keys, giving every player with this item a free run through the dungeon once a week.

Rumors tell of a new potion that will teleport people deep within Wabbit Island, but it seems that only the deserving will be able to use it...

More Rewards!

While adding this new content, we naturally decided to put in more rewards!

Experience from Wabbits has been increased, we’ve added new sets that can be crafted from Wabbit wesouw-- resources, as well as three new emotes and a new ornament. Some of the older equipment crafted with wabbit parts will also be improved. The Wa Wabbit set has had its level increased (it will now be level 60) and its bonuses have been changed.

The Wabbit set has been split into two different sets with three items each (instead of a single set with 7 items) and its level has increased to 60. The changes to the effects of these equipment pieces will not be retroactive!

The Last Dofus

We couldn’t stop with the sets and rewards, though. When discussing Wabbit Island, we had to talk about the Cawwot Dofus. Although it is a fake (not one of the 6 True Dofus), we still felt that its characteristics and method for acquisition could be improved:
  • You will no longer need to trade a Wa Wabbit set for a Cawwot Dofus
  • All Cawwot Dofus will have a fixed +60 Wisdom bonus.
  • Cawwot Dofus will now be linked to its owner’s account (but it can be traded between characters on the same account).
  • This Dofus will now be obtained by unlocking certain achievements. It will be necessary to run the two new dungeons and complete some new quests.
  • A Cawwot Dofus can now only be obtained once per character (it has a standard, fixed bonus, so it will not be necessary to try to get several per character in hopes of receiving a better bonus).

These changes will all be retroactive - after 2.14, all current Cawwot Dofus will have a +60 Wisdom bonus and will be bound to the account that owns them. Characters that already have a Cawwot Dofus when 2.14 is released will still be able to complete the Cawwot Dofus quest and receive a second Cawwot Dofus.

Please note: you should avoid accumulating unnecessary Cawwot Dofus on the same account before the release of 2.14. After August 20, you will not be able to sell these items or trade them with other accounts.

These changes will be negative for some players who deal in selling Cawwot Dofus, but we think that they are very positive for all other characters in the game... and if they work their connections well between now and the release, they may be able to recoup a great deal of their investment!

A toast to future conquests

During this update, we have also worked on some additional AvA content! It will not be available with the release of 2.14, but before the end of the year, there will be a new village territory to capture!

This new village will be inhabited by a new sub-species of Wabbit (approximately level 100-120) and their resources will make two new sets that will be level 120.

This new village will also contain some mineral deposits deep in its twisted warrens.

But the real bonus of this village is a new system of transport, similar to the Imps Carrier, that will take you to different places in the world of DOFUS!

The Imps Carriers have always been very popular, so we decided to offer an alternative or a compliment to this system. If your alliance manages to gain control of both the Imps Village and the future Wabbit Village, your transportation network will be greatly expanded!

We will let you know when this new village will be available in the weeks after the 2.14 update!
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